Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise

The Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE) meets the changing workforce needs of the North Carolina life science industries and clinical research sectors, supporting job creation and economic growth. 

Welcome to the BRITE Institute

BRITE focuses on health-related research and degree-based workforce development.


BRITE Faculty


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State of the Art

Built in 2008, the BRITE’s state-of-the-art facility is home to over 40 scientists whose research and training efforts contribute to workforce development for the biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical industries in North Carolina. 

The BRITE Institute


BRITE prides itself on providing high-quality student training and conducting outstanding applied health research.


Our faculty and staff are experienced in the pharmaceutical industry and offer students real-world learning experiences.


BRITE's major research areas are drug discovery, cardiometabolic disease, central nervous system, plant genetic engineering, cancer and Drosophila genetics.



BRITE develops young STEM stars, shaping the lives of future scientists throughout the Triangle and across North Carolina.

Workforce Development

Through its research and training efforts, BRITE supports the growth of North Carolina's life science industry.

Institute Programs

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Drug Discovery

Researchers from BRITE are making great strides in fighting various types of cancer, diabetes and other diseases that disproportionately impact communities of color.



At BRITE, our researchers utilize biological systems to produce biomolecules for use in therapeutic drugs and vaccines.

Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical Sciences

BRITE supports the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department by providing industry-relevant hands-on research experience for students to become skilled scientists and pursue careers in science.

Clinical Research Sciences Program

Clinical Research Sciences Program

The Clinical Research Science Program focuses on workforce development for careers in clinical research.

Research Areas

Drug discover in tube.

Finding new medicines that will positively impact disease model systems.


Exploring the role lipids and alcohol play in liver disease and identifying biomarkers of disease. 

Normal Gastric Mucosa image

Finding small molecules and natural products to target major neurodegenerative disorders.

Central Nervous System

Exploiting plants with modern biotechnology and molecular techniques to contribute to biomedical study.

Small Lung Cancer Cells

Basic and translational research focused on target validation and the discovery of novel small molecules with anticancer activity.

Workforce Development

We focus on providing North Carolina with highly trained, job-ready graduates and improving the capabilities of the existing workforce.

Support the Future of Health

BRITE welcomes partnerships with the private sector to support the development of our next generation of scientists.