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As an Eagle, you will receive a strong academic background, encouragement, and support to take flight and soar at North Carolina Central University.

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At NC Central, you will find an appreciation for our rich history, sloping hills and verdant green, innovative academic offerings, and engaging student life. Here, you can achieve your academic and career goals and take advantage of meeting and collaborating with other outstanding students and scholars.

Virtual Admission Resources

Thank you for your interest in North Carolina Central University. In response to the rapidly evolving coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is working diligently to address your admissions inquiries. We want to ensure that we are able to respond to you promptly. Please utilize the following virtual resources and communication methods to contact our office.

Summer Virtual Campus Tours


May 3–June 30

What to Expect:

Join us for an interactive 55-minute virtual campus tour experience that includes a virtual information session with an admissions counselor, a live interactive session with current NCCU students, and a Q&A session to engage all enrollment-related questions.

Important Information to Note:

Our virtual campus tours will take place Mondays and Thursdays at 2 p.m. and Wednesdays at 11 a.m. The virtual session will begin promptly, so please be sure to join your scheduled session at the proposed time. Participants will have an opportunity to engage the presenter, so please be prepared to ask questions! For all questions, please contact our office at 919-530-6665.

Register for your virtual campus tour experience today! We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you soon!  


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Admissions Resources

Check Your Status (Undergraduates)

You can monitor and check the status of your application by logging into your Eagle Promise portal anytime, day or night. 

Next Steps

Ready to start your NC Central journey? The link below will help guide you on your next steps.

New Student Guide

Have questions? Our New Student Guide is the place to start!


Take flight and soar through NC Central with our Undergraduate Viewbook!

Residency Process

Are you an in-state applicant? If so, make sure you learn about our residency process.

NCCU Roadmap

Are you a senior in high school and want to SOAR at NCCU? Explore the NCCU Roadmap to Admissions and Enrollment to take your next steps on becoming an eagle.

Academic Brochure

Check out our academic brochure to find out more about the academic degrees offered at NCCU!

Eagle Numbers

Check out the latest Eagle Numbers to learn a few facts about the class of 2024!

Financial Aid

At NC Central, we strive to provide as much support as possible for our students. Research the options now!


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How to Apply / Deadlines

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When you join our campus community, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of academic, civic, and research opportunities.

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Applicants from North Carolina Cooperative Innovative High Schools receive special consideration in admission to University of North Carolina System universities based on North Carolina law.

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Whether you are a transfer student, a mature student, or a returning student working on a second degree, we are thrilled that you are interested in continuing your education at NCCU.

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Anyone who has completed his or her education outside of the United States is considered an international applicant irrespective of citizenship or residency. If you will require an F1 visa to study in the United States, then you are considered an international student for tuition purposes and an international applicant.

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Second bachelor's degree-seeking applicants are individuals who have earned the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university either in the US or abroad.

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Once an Eagle, always an Eagle! We are eager to have you return to North Carolina Central University to complete your program. Once you have completed your online undergraduate application for readmission, the readmission counselor will contact you via email within seven to ten business days.

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Individuals not seeking a degree but desiring to take a limited number of undergraduate courses may be admitted as unclassified, non-degree seeking students.

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Choosing NCCU Online means that you can earn your degree in a way that fits your lifestyle.

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The mission of NC Central's Law School is to provide a high-quality, personalized, practice-oriented, and affordable legal education to historically underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds, all in an effort to increase diversity in the legal profession.

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Admissions FAQs

View all the FAQs from Admissions.

University Police Building

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is a tool to utilize for informational purposes when the reader wishes to make an inquiry regarding campus safety.

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