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Embark on a journey of knowledge, discovery and personal growth with us! Our college has a rich history of academic excellence, research innovation and service to the community, as well as a commitment to advancing the frontiers of health and sciences.

In the College of Health and Sciences (CHAS), we help our students unleash their potential and prepare them to become the next generation of health care and scientific leaders!

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With over 35 undergraduate degree programs, 15 masters and a doctoral program, we provide a variety of career-building opportunities to our two thousand students. We graduate successful nurses, speech-language pathologists, public health experts, scientists and researchers. Explore our degree programs below.

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Our faculty are prolific in seeking scholarship opportunities. Currently, we have over 45 funded projects with nearly $15 million is external funding. Our research portfolio extends from addressing health disparities through behavioral, biomedical,  and pharmaceutical fields, studying nano materials, environment, nuclear and quantum information sciences, and educational pedagogy. Visit our faculty profile pages to learn more.  

College of Health and Sciences Departments

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

The Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences prepares students to be competitive in the global biomedical science field. We are committed to providing intensive instruction and training in the life sciences and prepare our students for a variety of careers in education, government, private industry and the health professions. 

Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders prepares students to provide preventative, diagnostic and rehabilitative services to persons exhibiting speech, language and swallowing disorders. Our accredited graduate program features a curriculum that integrates research, evidence-based clinical experiences and a focus on serving diverse populations. Students benefit from faculty who are teaching courses and supervising in their primary areas of research and clinical interests. 

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides students with an educational environment that will stimulate their intellectual curiosities, enhance and develop academic and professional skills in chemistry and chemistry-related disciplines, promote self-assurance and discipline, and instill a dedication to the advancement of science and scientific knowledge for the benefit of all peoples. 

Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences

The Department of Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences teaches students the analytical and methodological skills necessary to understand the earth's environment and man’s impact on the environment. 

Nutrition Sciences

Seek to understand the lifestyle patterns and needs of humans as individuals and within family groups while learning about child development, consumer economics, nutrition, textiles and other topics.

Kinesiology and Recreation Administration

Prepare to lead in leisure and recreation services in areas such as athletic administration, physical education, recreation therapy, fitness and wellness, and sports management.

Mathematics and Physics

The Department of Mathematics and Physics conducts active research in a broad range of areas, from algebra, analysis, geometry, statistics, and topology, to mathematical biology, mathematical finance, numerical analysis, and scientific computing, to condensed matter physics, nanomaterials, and nuclear and particle physics.


Learn how to compassionately serve the healthcare needs of people in need while training in a state-of-the-art training hospital setting.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences engages in interdisciplinary teaching and research that provides relevant real-world expertise. We prepare our students to become skilled scientists who excel intellectually and professionally in a global environment, with many pursuing careers in science and management or graduate school.

Public Health Education

The Department of Public Health Education supports health promotion and disease prevention in global communities through student engagement, cutting-edge health disparities research and collaborative community partnerships.

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Undergraduate Programs

College of Health and Sciences has 10 undergraduate degree programs, including Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental and Geographic Science, Human Sciences, Kinesiology and Recreation Administration, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Nursing and Public Health Education.

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Graduate Programs

The College of Health and Sciences offers 8 graduate programs, including Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Communications Disorders; Environmental, Earth, and Geospatial Sciences; Human Sciences; Kinesiology and Recreation Administration; Mathematics and Physics; and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

Centers and Affiliated Partners

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Fab Lab

NCCU is joining the Maker Movement! In collaboration with the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we have opened a Fabrication Laboratory, or Fab Lab. The NCCU Fab Lab is part of a worldwide network of laboratories, ensuring our students have access to real opportunities to produce!

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The Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE) meets the changing workforce needs of the North Carolina life science industries and clinical research sectors, supporting job creation and economic growth.

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NC Research Campus

Bringing the best scientists from North Carolina's universities to a world-class research campus, working collaboratively under a common mission of empowering individuals to achieve healthier lives.

BBRI Faculty


JLC-BBRI was named for Julius L. Chambers, who received an undergraduate degree in history from NCCU in 1959 and a law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1962, graduating as editor-in-chief of the school's law review and first in his class.

BRITE student working in lab

Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL)

The Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory, or TUNL, is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Center of Excellence. We are a consortium of four universities: Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Students are working on Garden

Campus Community Garden

Welcome to the Campus Community Garden at NCCU, a vibrant hub where students, faculty, and community members come together to cultivate not just plants, but a sense of unity and sustainability. Join us in nurturing the earth, fostering friendships, and growing a greener future for all.

The College of Health and Sciences (CHAS) helps students realize their potential and gets them ready to take the lead in the fields of science and medicine in the future.


Ahmed, Mohammad


College of Health and Sciences

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Farrington, Tamette

Senior Academic Advisor

College of Health and Sciences

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Johnson, Fredrick D

Assistant Dean College of Health and Sciences

Mathematics and Physics

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Laurie, Nikia A

Associate Director

Julius L. Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute

location icon Julius L. Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute (BBRI), Room 124

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Powell, Haven E

Program Coordinator

College of Health and Sciences

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Shaw, Cyndi

Administrative Support Specialist

College of Health and Sciences

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Smith, Dr. Nina

Associate Dean

College of Health and Sciences

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Thompson-Rogers, Kaye G

Health Professions Career Center

Health Careers

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Williams, Tyshawn

Business Manager

College of Health and Sciences

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Director of Development


Clarke, Kaia E

Director of Development College of Health and Sciences

Institutional Advancement

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Smith, William G

Director of Development (Biomanuf. Res. Inst./Tech. Enterprise)

Institutional Advancement

location icon Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE), Room 1013

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