North Carolina Central University strives to bring service and convenience to the entire campus community through its multi-modal transit approach.

Transportation and Parking Services

The Department of Transportation and Parking Services manages the parking and campus transportation infrastructure for students, employees, visitors, and guests. Our top priority is optimizing parking by providing transit opportunities that provide a high level of service so that all constituents are served.

Campus Transportation Options


Share the Ride NC is a statewide initiative created to help form carpools and vanpools. It is provided free of charge in support of the effort to improve air quality and to reduce commuter congestion.

Cycling Eagles Bike Share

North Carolina Central University and Zagster have launched a new bike-share program that provides students, faculty, and staff with a convenient, affordable, and healthy way to get around. 

Eagle Commuter Assistance Program (E-CAP)

Aimed at reducing solo-passenger car trips in the Triangle, E-CAP provides commuter benefits to all employees and to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Eagle Shuttle Service

With the Eagle Shuttle and the Eagle after Dark On-Demand Shuttle, NC Central makes sure its students, faculty, and staff have the transportation options they need!


NC Central offers both telework and flexwork to its employees to help create a resilient and results-oriented workforce.

Transit (GoPass)

NC Central is pleased to offer the NC Central GoPass - a public transportation bus pass that allows students, faculty, and staff to take transit to and from the campus using the GoTriangle family of services.  

Transportation Forms

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NC Central takes pride in its walkability, and a vibrant biking community makes it even easier for students to get moving and start exploring Durham!

Parking on Campus

North Carolina Central University strives to make parking easy and convenient for everyone. As a growing campus, there are always challenges with parking, but NC Central strives to provide a high level of services to all who park on campus.

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