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The Office of e-Learning is committed to providing faculty with the resources necessary to ensure "Eagle Excellence Online." Our goal is to empower faculty with the technological skills and tools necessary to promote student success in the online learning environment.

Quality Matters at NCCU


Quality Matters is a non-profit organization that is the culmination of efforts initiated in 2003 by Maryland Online Inc. with the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) grant. 

Office of e-Learning Resources

Professional Development

Access one-on-one small groups and departmental workshops.

Quality Matters at NCCU


Learn about our quality course design cohorts and Quality Matters.

QM Facilitated Workshops

North Carolina Central University, through our statewide subscription as a constituent member of the University of North Carolina System, encourages faculty to participate in professional development workshops offered by the Quality Matters program.

NCCU QM Peer Reviewers

An integral component of the Quality Matters peer review process is the peer review committee, composed of experienced online instructors trained in the evaluation of online course design.

Office of e-Learning Faculty Resources

This section provides helpful videos regarding the use of various instructional technologies and links to e-learning resource websites.

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