2024-2025 SSA Forms and Documents

Eligibility for federal student aid is determined based on financial need in conjunction with several other factors. The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (SSA) determines what you are eligible to receive based on your Student Aid Index (SAI). To receive financial aid, you must meet certain eligibility criteria.


Emancipated Minor

Complete this form if you were declared as an emancipated minor by the court.

FAFSA Correction Request Form

A FAFSA correction is required due to an incomplete application.

Legal Guardianship

Complete this form for legal guardianship determination.

Martial Status Verification

Conflicting information exists regarding marital status.

Minimal Income Form

Low to no income was reported on the FAFSA.

Orphan, Ward of the Court or Foster Care

This form is for students who were part of the foster care system, an orphan or a ward of the court.

Unaccompanied or Homeless Youth Determination

This determination form is for students who were homeless or unaccompanied.

V1 Standard Verification Worksheet

This form is for standard verification of household size and income.

V4 High School Completion Worksheet

This form is for verification of high school completion and identity.

V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet

This form is for aggregate verification of income, household size, high school completion and identity

Verification of Foreign Income

This form is for anyone who worked in a foreign country or received foreign income.

Provisional Independent Student

This form is for students who are experiencing homelessness or unaccompanied youth who are experiencing homelessness or unusual circumstances that prevent them from providing parental information.

Award/Loan Forms and Documents

Confirm Parent on the PLUS Application

Complete this form and provide documentation to show the PLUS application was submitted by your parent.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form

Request an increase for the amount of eligible costs in your financial aid budget for this year.

Cost of Attendance for Computer Purchase

Students may request the total cost of attendance be increased for the purchase of a computer and needed peripherals.

Loan Adjustment Form

Request to decrease or cancel a loan.

Loan Increase

Request to increase a student loan based on remaining eligibility.

PLUS (Parent) Loan Increase Request

The request to increase a parent PLUS loan must be electronically signed by the student and parent.

PLUS Credit Freeze

Complete this form if your Graduate PLUS or Parent PLUS Loan Application is pending due to a credit freeze.

Student Income Verification Form

Student income verification form for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), rent and Social Services.

TEACH Grant Request

Request to be considered for the NC Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant service loan.

Student Aid Report (SAR) Comments

Citizenship Status

Complete this form and provide documentation of your U.S. or eligible non-citizenship.

Default Clearance

Complete this form with documentation that your loan default status has been cleared.

Loan Discharge

Complete this form to affirm your prior loan discharge.

Unusual Enrollment History

Complete this form by uploading transcripts to confirm credits received at prior colleges or a letter of explanation for no earned credits.

Veteran Status

Complete this form and provide your DD214 to verify Active Duty service.


This form is to provide a copy of your bankruptcy claim.

Special Circumstances

Dependency Override

Submit this form for extenuating circumstances not listed on the FASFA to determine a student’s eligibility for a dependency override.

Special/Unusual Circumstances

Submit this form if your household income has significantly reduced from the income reported on your FAFSA. 


Check Request for Academic Awards and Stipends

This form is a departmental request form for student academic awards.

NCCU Foundation Scholarship Requisition Form

Request for payment of student awards through the NCCU Foundation.

FAFSA Assist

Receive one-on-one assistance with completing your FAFSA.

Financial Aid Award Guide

This guide provides information regarding receiving Federal financial aid at NCCU.

How to Accept Aid through myEOL/Banner SSB9

Review the steps to accept/view your financial aid offer through Banner SSB.

Parent PLUS Loan Instructions

View instructions for completion of the electronic Parent Plus Loan Application.

Master Promissory Note Instructions

View instructions for completion of the electronic master promissory note for students or parents.

Scholarship Donor Form

View instructions on how to submit payment of an outside scholarship.

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Financial aid helps make college affordable, and over 85% of NCCU students receive financial assistance. Aid options for covering college expenses include scholarships and grants, work-study, and loans.


To receive consideration for financial aid at North Carolina Central University, students must be in compliance with federal regulations regarding satisfactory academic progress.

Student outside

To remain eligible for federal student aid during the semester, the student must attend classes, take exams, and complete the required coursework.