Health and Well-being

At NC Central, we care about our students' health and wellness needs and support them in being at their best in all ways!

Campus Recreation and Fitness Center

The mission of NC Central's Campus Recreation is to provide holistic recreational programs and services that encourage social, physical, intellectual, and personal growth. We strive to provide an inclusive environment through intentional programming that fosters and promotes student development.

Counseling Center

At the NC Central Counseling Center, we strive to create a safe space and provide services that are non-judgmental and confidential. Our licensed mental health professionals offer individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, substance abuse prevention and intervention, anger management, and other services at no extra cost to our students.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides a collaborative and holistic health climate focused on service, care, wellness, and education. Through our work, we promote skills for optimizing sustainable, healthy behaviors across our campus and the surrounding community. We invite you to come learn more today!

Women's Center

The Women's Center empowers students to find their voices by promoting personal and professional development and celebrating the strengths and aspirations of women. Through structured "edutainment," we focus on managing healthy relationships and women's unique leadership experiences in society.

Diversity and Inclusion

At NC Central, we celebrate diverse cultural contexts, and the Department of Diversity and Inclusion strives to include, educate, and prepare every student for the opportunity to appreciate such diversity.

LGBTA Center

The LGBTA Resource Center is an inclusive space where students are free to come and express themselves, study, do homework, attend programs hosted in the center, and build a sense of community with other students and staff.

Spiritual Development and Dialogue

The Office of Spiritual Development and Dialogue office works with community spiritual leaders to give NCCU students an opportunity to enhance their spiritual awareness and encourage interfaith dialogue among fellow students and community members. 

Eagle General Hospital

NCCU’s Clinical Learning Resource Center (CLRC), also referred to as Eagle General Hospital, facilitates support skills lab training, remediation, and simulation experiences. 

Student Advocacy

The Office of Student Advocacy within the Division of Student Affairs offers guidance, resources and referrals for students who are experiencing difficult situations that impact their academic and personal success.