Employee Health and Wellness

Welcome to the North Carolina Central University Health and Wellness page for employees. This page serves as a source of information about resources, current health issues and events that affect employee health and wellness.

Please check back often for updates and new information. If you have something you would like to see included or you have information or an event for inclusion, please contact employee-health-and-wellness@nccu.edu.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information on healthy workplace policies, enhancing positive social conditions, building personal skills and organizational resilience and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Health and well-being is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being — and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organization, 1946

Healthy Campus Plan

You can view the 2022-2023 Healthy Campus Plan here.

1 in 5

U.S. adults experience mental illness each year.

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1 in 20

U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year.

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Of all lifetime mental illnesses begin by age 14.

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Of lifetime mental illnesses begin by age 24.

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Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10–34.

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death overall.

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Statistics provided by the National Alliance on Mental Health.

2022 National Preparedness Month


The goal of National Preparedness Month is to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies.

The 2022 campaign features a call to action for the Black and African American community to help get preparedness information into the hands of those who live in underserved communities.

Check out these helpful tips and resources and visit ready.gov for more information.

Monkeypox Fact Sheet

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are tracking multiple cases of monkeypox that have been reported in several countries that do not normally report monkeypox, including the United States. View this fact sheet to learn more about monkeypox.

COVID-19 Information

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear — COVID-19 is not going away. We must continue to be vigilant and protect ourselves, our families, friends and co-workers. Luckily, we now have a robust toolbox to manage COVID-19 as cases continue to rise and fall.

Please continue to follow the steps above and add layers of protection as needed to safeguard your health and protect the health of the NCCU family.

Workplace Burnout

Are you concerned that you or one of your colleagues is experiencing workplace burnout? Check out our informational page to find out how to identify signs of burnout as well as ways to address it.

Heat Safety

There is hot, and then there is hot! Extreme heat is a period of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees for at least two days — basically, most days in a North Carolina summer.

Mental Health Information and Resources

Every day millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness, including many members of the NCCU family —  maybe even you.