Youth Programs and Camps at NCCU


The mission of the Office of Youth Programs and Camps at NCCU is to create a welcoming and safe environment for all minors visiting University property or participating in University programs. To ensure this mission and promote the safety of youth participating in programs at the University, there are guidelines, processes and procedures required for instituting these programs to stay in compliance with REG – 80.07.1 (Protection of Minors on Campus Regulation).

Program Information


​​​​​As NCCU employees or affiliates, we all bear a special responsibility for the care and protection of minors. To read more about NCCU policies and regulations, please visit the link below.

Students registering for program

​​​​​For information and contact information regarding your program and camp, visit this page.

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​​​​​​For information regarding reporting an incident that has occurred in an NCCU camp or youth program, visit this page.

Training, Resources and FAQs

​​​​University students, faculty and staff who participate in University-run or University-affiliated programs or activities involving minors must complete appropriate training and connect with the appropriate resources. Visit this page to view those items.

Youth Programs and Campus Contact Information

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Wilder, Lauren

Early College Liaison, Director of Summer Experiential Learning

Provost's Office

location icon Shepard Administration Building, Room 306

email icon[email protected]

phone icon 919-530-5216

Email: [email protected]
Compliance:  [email protected]
Phone:  919-530-5216