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REG - 40.13.3 Reconsideration of Expulsion Regulation

Responsible Office:
Student Conduct and Community Standards
Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, 919-530-6311,
Effective date: September 20, 2018


1.  Purpose

When a student is expelled from North Carolina Central University (“NCCU”), the expulsion severs the relationship between the student and the University.  However, a former student may petition the Chancellor for the student’s expulsion to be rescinded.  This regulation details the process that the University will follow in considering a former student’s petition to rescind his or her expulsion from NCCU.

2.  Scope

This regulation applies to all former NCCU students who have been expelled from the University.

3.  Expulsion

3.1 The Sanction of Expulsion                                                           

3.1.1 When imposed, the sanction of expulsion uniformly shall mean: permanent dismissal, unless at a later date the Chancellor who imposed or approved the sanction (or his or her successor) concludes on the basis of the former student's petition and any supporting documentation, that the individual should be given a new opportunity to continue his or her pursuit of higher education at NCCU.

3.1.2 Expulsion is warranted in cases where the severity of the violation to the Student Code of Conduct threatens the safety of the campus community.

3.1.3 Students who have been expelled will have their names entered into the UNC System database for suspended and expelled students by the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Students who have been expelled from NCCU will likely be prevented from being admitted to another UNC System constituent institution.

3.2 Restrictions

3.2.1 Students separated from the University by expulsion for reasons, which represent a threat to persons or property may not enter University premises or university-related premises without securing prior approval from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards and/or Campus Police. Students may also not access various University electronic systems, including, but not limited to, email services. Violation of the terms of expulsion may subject the student to arrest.

3.2.2. The student will be responsible for any financial obligations to the University but may be eligible for a reduction of tuition and fees based upon the effective date of the expulsion and the University’s Reduction of Tuition and Fees Schedule.

3.   Contents of Petition and Timeframe for Filing  

3.1 A petition for approval of reinstatement must include the reasons why the former student believes he/she deserves to be readmitted to the University. The reasons should focus primarily on the former student’s activities and behavior that occurred after the expulsion and why the student believes that he or she should be given a new opportunity to return and continue pursuing higher education. Re-argument of the merits of the expulsion within the petition will not be considered unless exonerating information has become available that could not have been discovered at the time of expulsion.

3.2 A petition for approval of reinstatement will not be considered prior to the expiration of three (3) calendar years after the effective date of the expulsion. 

3.3 A petition for approval of reinstatement must be sent to the Chancellor at the following address: North Carolina Central University, Attention: Chancellor, 1801 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC  27707.

4.   Review of Petition

4.1 The Chancellor will forward the petition for approval of reinstatement to the appropriate Vice Chancellor.  The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs shall receive petitions that concern expulsions which result from violations of the Student Code of Conduct, other than offenses that arise from violations of Section 4.1.1 (Acts of Dishonesty).  The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall receive petitions that concern expulsions that result from violations of the Academic Honor Code and Section 4.1.1 of the Student Code of Conduct.

4.2 The appropriate Vice Chancellor will coordinate the collection of relevant information and the student’s disciplinary record for review. The appropriate Vice Chancellor may request additional information from the former student and/or other offices on campus with information concerning the disciplinary record, such as the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, colleges, schools and the Office of the Registrar, when necessary.

4.3 The appropriate Vice Chancellor will convene a committee to review the petition.  Individuals who were previously involved in reviewing the violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Academic Honor Code that resulted in the student’s expulsion shall not be eligible to serve on the committee. 

4.4 The committee may interview the former student and/or ask for additional information from the appropriate resources pertinent to the petition and in evaluating the petition.

4.5 The committee will make a recommendation regarding the petition to the Chancellor.  Upon receiving the committee’s recommendation, the Chancellor will render the University’s decision on the student’s petition, which shall thereafter be transmitted to the student in writing. The decision whether to approve the petition for reinstatement shall be solely at the Chancellor’s discretion.

5.   Conditions of Reinstatement

Any student who successfully petitions for approval of reinstatement and returns to the University will be placed on disciplinary or academic integrity probation for the first academic year following his/her return to NCCU.  In addition, the student must comply with any additional requirements the Chancellor may impose for readmission. The transcript of a student who is successful in petitioning for approval for reinstatement will retain the expulsion notation and the phrase “Approved for Reinstatement” will be added to the transcript.

6.   Subsequent Petition

No institutional appeal of the Chancellor’s decision is available. However, the former student may submit a new petition for reconsideration of his or her expulsion after the passage of one (1) year from the denial of any previous petition.