REG - 30.06.19 Purchases for Personal Use Regulation

Responsible Office:
Purchasing Department, 919-530-5063
Effective Date: February 11, 2013, revised April 26, 2016
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1. Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidance for purchasing for personal use.

2. Scope

Applies to all faculty and staff procuring goods.

3. Purchases for Personal Use

3.1  The purchasing power of the State is not to be used for private advantage or gain.

3.2  Purchases under contracts made by the State, except those in accordance with G.S. 143-58.1 are not allowed for personal use out of private funds nor are agencies or institutions to place orders for articles for ownership by employees or other individuals.

3.3  Reference: N.C. Administrative Code, Title I, Department of Administration, Chapter 5, Sub Chapter 5B, Purchase and Contract, Section. 1510,6/87.

3.4  The University policy prohibits the Purchasing Department from entering into any purchase agreements for the personal benefit/gain of employees.

3.5  All material purchased by the University on official Purchase Orders remain the property of the State until consumed or disposed of, by public sale through the State Surplus Property Office.

3.6  All purchase orders issued by the Purchasing Department must be for University departments.