REG - 30.06.13 Purchase of Carpets Regulation

Responsible Office:
Purchasing Department, 919-530-5063
Effective Date: February 11, 2013, revised April 26, 2016
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1. Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidance for the purchase of carpeting.

2. Scope

This regulation applies to all faculty and staff procuring carpeting.

3. Purchase of Carpet

3.1  The Division of Purchase and Contract will continue to process end-user requests for carpet when expenditures exceed the agency delegation.

3.2  It is mandatory that end-users only use the carpets identified in the QPL (link provided herein).

3.3  In instances where using the QPL brands may not be feasible, then the end-user shall contact the purchaser noted above for approval.

3.4  Due to the complexity of this commodity any authorized STATE OF NC user shall follow the instructions below.

3.1.6  For bids conducted by Purchase and Contract:

3.1.7  Review all QPL carpets deciding which brands/products/class/face weight is to be ordered.

3.1.8  Standard Specifications

3.1.9  Qualified product information