REG - 30.06.11 Purchase of Live Animals Regulation

Responsible Office:
Purchasing Department, 919-530-5063
Effective Date: February 11, 2013, revised April 26, 2016
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1.  Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidance when procuring live animals.

2.  Scope

This regulation applies to all faculty and staff procuring live animals.

3.  Purchase of Live Animals

3.1  Federal Regulations

3.1.1  Federal regulations require all organizations to establish and maintain appropriate policies and procedures to insure the humane care and use of live vertebrate animals i.e. cats, dogs, monkeys, guinea pigs, birds, fish, frogs, etc.

3.1.2  These animals must be shipped, housed and handled in accordance to specified rules.

3.1.3  The University has an approved agreement with the Federal Government for the humane care and use of animals.

3.1.4  The Animal Resources Complex (ARC) is the centralized animal facility of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) located on the lower floor of the Julius L. Chambers Biomedical Biotechnology Research Institute (BBRI).

3.1.5  The ARC provides services to ensure the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals used in research and training at NCCU.

3.1.6  The care and use of laboratory animals at NCCU is governed by mandates of the Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory (PHS Policy) and the Animal Welfare Act (AQA).

3.1.7  To receive a copy of the ARC User’s Guide, please contact the ARC Director Dr. Derek Norford at [email protected]