REG - 30.06.4 Sole Source Contracts Regulation

Responsible Office:
Purchasing Department, 919-530-5063
Effective Date: February 11, 2013, revised April 26, 2016

1. Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidelines to the campus community for the purchase of goods using sole source contracts.

2. Scope

This regulation applies to all faculty and staff who procure goods on behalf of the University.

3. Sole Source Contracts

3.1  All agencies of the State shall make every effort to eliminate sole source contracts whenever possible.

3.1.1  The agency shall obtain approval from the NC Division of Purchase and Contracts for purchases exceeding the agency’s purchasing delegation. 

3.1.2  The North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract, will negotiate the contract with the sole source vendor.

3.1.3  NCCU Purchasing Director will consider approving a waiver of competitive bidding as allowed by State purchasing regulations after obtaining documentation/certification of sole source for procurements greater than $5000, but under NCCU’s purchasing delegation.