REG - 30.04.5 Accounts Payable Invoices and Checks Regulation

Responsible Office:
Accounts Payable Office, 919-530-6360
Effective Date: July 1, 2012; Revised: March 1, 2016


1. Introduction

The purpose of this regulation is to outline procedures for invoice payment.  The Accounts Payable Department’s mission is to facilitate the payment of invoices for goods and services in accordance with applicable statues and University regulations, and provide assistance to NCCU departments with this process.  The Federal Trust & Cash Management Office is responsible for distribution of vendor checks and resolving problems and answering questions related to the distribution of payments. 

2. Scope

Applies to all Faculty, Staff and Students.

3. Invoices

3.1  All vendor invoices should be emailed to [email protected] or mailed directly to Accounts Payable at the following address:

                                                        North Carolina Central University
                                                                  Accounts Payable Office
                                                                       PO Box 19737
                                                          Durham, North Carolina 27707

3.2  Invoices for goods and services must have a purchase order in place prior to the receipt of such.

3.3  Invoices that require signature of department must be signed within (5) days.

3.4  Invoices for services or where goods have been shipped directly to the department, must have the wet signature of the department on all invoices before payment can be released.

3.5  Invoices without a purchase order number will be sent back to the vendor with a letter of explanation, stating why the invoices are being returned. All calls from the vendor will then be forwarded directly to the departments. Invoices without a purchase order number will become responsibility of the individual that placed the unauthorized purchase.

3.6  Invoices that require a change order must be handled promptly by the department. The department will receive a phone call/e-mail from the Accounts Payable department requesting an increase on the purchase order within (5) business days. If the change order is not processed within (5) business days the departments will need to contact the Accounts Payable department with an explanation concerning the increase. Without an explanation, the Accounts Payable department will take the necessary funds from the department’s available balance.

3.7  Invoices for duplicate shipments are solely the responsibility of the department. Any calls from the vendors concerning duplicate shipments will be forwarded to the departments.

4. Check Requests

4.1  All check request must go to the Comptroller office for approval, by submitting a check requisition through SciQuest (Eagle’s Purch). The request must be accompanied with proper documentation including an invoice that details the goods/service, date of service/purchase, and rates/quantities/costs.

4.1.2  A purchase order is the official method for doing business for state agencies and universities, and a check request is not a substitute for following purchase order procedures. The use of a check request requires proper justification and is utilized for non-recurring purchases where a purchase order will not be accepted by a vendor.

5. Check Printing

5.1  Accounts Payable Office cuts checks on a weekly basis, on Friday.

5.2  Trust and Grant-funded invoices that are due and fully processed by close of business on Tuesday will be cut that Friday of the same week.

5.3  State-funded invoices are required to be projected and shared with the State Controller. Therefore, state-funded invoices take nine business days.

5.4  Electronic Check Requests follow the same check run procedures as discussed above.

5.5  No Exceptions to the procedures will be made without approval from the Comptroller’s Office.

6. Federal Trust and Cash Management – Check Release Policies

6.1  Checks disbursed from Federal Trust include vendor checks, student refund checks, travel reimbursements, stipends and payroll checks.

6.2  Vendor payments are mailed directly to vendors via the US Postal Service. University departments may not pick up a check unless there is prior approval from the Comptroller’s Office.

6.3  Federal Trust & Cash Mmgt. compares checks to supporting documentation and the checks are mailed within 48 hours.

6.4  Only the Comptroller or Associate Comptroller has the authority to release checks early from the Accounting Office.