POL - 10.03.1 Cheatham-White Scholarship Policy

Board of Trustees
Responsible Office:
Academic Affairs
Division of Enrollment Management, Scholarships and Student Aid, 919-530-6520, [email protected]
Effective Date: July 27, 2017


1.  Purpose

In accordance with Article 35 of Chapter 116 of the North Carolina General Statutes, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and North Carolina Central University shall establish a merit scholarship to be named the Cheatham-White Scholarship. The scholarship will provide an outstanding educational experience for students who are exceptional scholars, versatile and well-rounded individuals with a broad range of interests, and who are accomplished and proficient in areas of both the arts and the sciences. This policy will provide oversight to those who enroll at North Carolina Central University.

Each recipient is awarded a fully funded four-year scholarship that covers the cost of all of the following: full tuition and fees, housing, meals, textbooks, a laptop, supplies, travel, and personal expenses. Each scholarship also provides four summers of fully funded enrichment and networking opportunities that may include international travel and study.

2. Scope

This policy will provide oversight to all students eligible and admitted to enroll at the North Carolina Central University.

3. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for nomination as a potential Cheatham-White Scholarship candidate, a person must satisfy all the following criteria:

3.1 Be a competitive applicant for admission as a freshman in the fall semester into a baccalaureate program at North Carolina Central University,

3.2 Be a United States citizen or permanent resident,

3.3 Be on course to graduate from high school in the spring semester prior to college admission,

3.4 Minimum 4.0 or higher weighted cumulative GPA,

3.5 Have a minimum SAT (Math and Evidence-Based Reading) score of 1280 or a minimum ACT score of 28,

3.6 Show exceptional qualities of character and leadership,

3.7 Be significantly involved in extracurricular activities, and

3.8 Demonstrate a strong commitment to service.

4. Selection of Recipients

4.1 Selection Criteria

Candidates for Cheatham-White Scholarships shall be selected based on academic merit, honorable character, outstanding leadership potential, and a demonstrable commitment to service. Financial need shall not be a consideration.

4.2 Selection Process

An advisory committee comprised of Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Associate Director of Scholars Program, Director of Financial Aid, Student Development, student member, faculty member, and a future alumni of the program will evaluate each applicant based on academic merit, honorable character, outstanding leadership potential, and a demonstrable commitment to service and actively select recipients each academic year.

5. Nomination of Candidates

5.1 School Nomination of Candidates

5.1.1 All North Carolina high schools are eligible to nominate students to be considered as a candidate(s) for the Cheatham-White Scholarship. For purposes of this section, a high school includes a public school under the direction of a local board of education, a charter school, a regional school, a high school operated as part of The University of North Carolina, a school operated by the Department of Health and Human Services, a school operated by the State Board of Education, or a nonpublic school regulated under Article 39 of Chapter 115C of the General Statutes.

5.1.2 The number of nominees from each school is determined by the size of the senior class as follows: Up to 199 seniors - 2 nominees 200 399 seniors - 3 nominees 400-499 seniors - 4 nominees 500 or more seniors - 5 nominees

5.2 Self Nomination

A student may nominate himself or herself to be considered a candidate for the scholarship if either of the following conditions are met:

5.2.1 Nominee does not attend an endorsing school, but believes s/he are highly qualified for the Cheatham-White Scholarship on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, or

5.2.2 Nominee does not receive school’s endorsement, but believes s/he are at least as competitive as the school’s endorsed candidates.

6. Criteria for Annual Scholarship Renewal

Scholarships will be renewed contingent upon the recipient meeting all of the following criteria:

6.1 Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 cumulative annually,

6.2 Enroll full time each semester and earn a minimum 30 credit hours each academic year, and

6.3 Maintain membership and active participation in the University Honors Program.

7. Administration of Scholarship Funding

7.1 The University of North Carolina General Administration (UNC General Administration) shall administer the Cheatham-White Scholarship Fund. Each fiscal year, North Carolina Central University will match the Cheatham-White Scholarship Fund with non-State funds according to funds received from UNC General Administration.

7.2 Funds provided to UNC General Administration to administer the program will be allocated proportionally to both constituent institutions to assist in administering the Cheatham-White Scholarship.

8. Administration of Scholarship Program

8.1 The development and adoption of this policy was completed in consultation with The University of North Carolina General Administration, who will oversee the overall administration, and in collaboration with North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and North Carolina Central University. The advisory committee will work with the Associate Director of the Scholars Program in establishing, implementing, assessing, and improving the scholarship program that includes courses, co-curricular, and enrichment opportunities. Furthermore, the committee will advise the Associate Director in establishing a mentoring and networking system for scholarship recipients. In the future, an alumni network will also be established.

8.2 The administration of this policy will be effective beginning with the adoption of this policy so that students may be nominated for the scholarship during the 2017-2018 academic year and recipients of the scholarship may enroll to begin a course of study at North Carolina Central University beginning with the 2018 fall academic semester.