REG - 10.01.3 Class Attendance Regulation

Responsible Office:
Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost,, 919-530-6230
Effective August 14, 2017, Last revised November 8, 2017


1. Purpose

Class attendance is expected of students at North Carolina Central University and represents a foundational component of the learning process in both on-campus and online courses. Students should attend all sessions of courses for which they are registered for the entire scheduled period and are responsible for completing all class assignments.

The purpose of this regulation is to describe the class attendance regulation and the procedures associated with its implementation. It replaces the policy that instructed faculty to assign either the NW grade (assigned when a student is withdrawn from a course before the last day to withdraw from a course) or the NF grade (assigned when a student is withdrawn from a course after the last day to withdraw from a course) when a student stopped attending class.

2. Scope

This regulation applies to all faculty teaching undergraduate courses for credit at North Carolina Central University and the students who are enrolled in those courses on the effective date and who register and enroll in those courses after the effective date. This regulation cannot be applied retroactively.

3.  Attendance Grades

Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, faculty are no longer permitted to assign students NW and NF attendance grades.

4. Syllabus Requirements

4.1 A statement regarding the class attendance regulation must be included on all course syllabi.

4.2 Faculty must include a written statement of the attendance guidelines in their course syllabi. In addition, faculty are required to review the guidelines for class attendance during the first class session of each semester (i.e., fall, spring, summer).

4.3 A student’s final grade must be based on the student’s performance, notwithstanding a student’s lack of attendance.

5. Recording Class Attendance

5.1 Faculty are required to keep attendance records in all classes.

5.2 If a student misses three consecutive class meetings, or misses more classes than the faculty member deems advisable, the faculty member is required to enter the information into Grades First, and to also report the information regarding the student’s attendance record to the student’s academic dean for appropriate follow-up.

5.3 Students who miss class to participate in university-authorized activities shall be provided with excused absences for the missed class time. It is the student's responsibility to inform the faculty member of such activities at least one week before the authorized absence, and to make up all work as determined by the faculty member.