REG - 10.01.1 Teaching Course Overloads Regulation

Responsible Office:
Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost,, 919-530-6230
Approved October 14, 2015; Last revised August 10, 2017


1.  Purpose

Faculty at North Carolina Central University may be assigned instructional responsibilities beyond their regular teaching workload. The purpose of this regulation is to define the terms and limitations associated with teaching a course overload.

2. Scope

This regulation applies to all instructional full-time faculty members employed at North Carolina Central University, including tenured, tenure-track and fixed-term faculty appointments.

3. Definitions

3.1   Instructional Teaching Load: The number of courses or semester credit hours each full-time faculty member is expected to teach in a semester or an academic year.

3.2  Standard Annual Instructional Teaching Load: The number of organized class courses a full- time faculty member is assigned during an academic year.

3.3  Course Overload:  An instructional workload assignment that exceeds the expected teaching load for the discipline/department; faculty may receive additional pay or alternative compensation (such as a subsequent course reduction) for overload assignments.

4. Faculty Workload

The normal instructional teaching load at NCCU is twelve (12) hours a semester for undergraduate courses and nine (9) hours a semester for faculty who only teach graduate courses. The instructional teaching load of faculty in professional schools is based on accrediting body requirements which may vary from the normal instructional teaching load at the University.

5. Course Overloads

5.1   A course overload may be granted for a faculty member to undertake additional duties on campus beyond his or her regular contract. The overload must be approved in advance by the department chair, dean (or director) and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The dean should provide a written justification to the Provost for the overload at the time it is requested.

5.2   A faculty member is allowed only one course overload (maximum of 4 credit hours) per semester unless, in cases of extenuating circumstances, an exception is granted by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs after determining that it would be appropriate to approve more than one course overload for a faculty member during a semester.

6. Compensation

Faculty who teach a course overload shall be compensated pursuant to the provisions included in Section 6.1.3 of the 2014 NCCU Faculty Handbook for the course overload.