REG - 10.14.1 Graduate Credit by Examination Regulation

Responsible Office:
Graduate Studies
Office of the Registrar, 919-530-6654, [email protected]
Effective Date: Aug 25, 2020

1.  Introduction

Graduate programs of study should take into account experiential and previous academic study. At times, students may have sufficient background in a content area to warrant examination of their competencies in foundational courses. This regulation is designed to allow an academic unit to evaluate a student’s understanding of the content of a course in which they claim competency.

2.  Scope

This regulation applies only to graduate students who are enrolled in a master’s level program or certificate program.  Students enrolled in a program of study at the Doctor of Philosophy level are not eligible to receive credit by examination.

3.  Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for credit by examination, the following must apply

3.1.  The student must be admitted to the program in which he or she is requesting the granting of credit by examination. 

3.2.  The student must be enrolled in academic study in the semester during which he or she requests credit by examination. 

4.  Procedures

4.1.  Each academic unit responsible for offering a graduate program may, with the approval of its dean, establish a procedure for granting credit by examination for any course numbered 5000 through 6990.  Credit by examination must occur at the beginning of the student's program, and the examination cannot be repeated.

4.2.  The proposed procedure for granting credit by examination for each graduate course must be approved by the Graduate Council.

4.3.  The academic unit that offers a graduate program shall determine if an equivalency examination may be used to obtain credit for a particular 5000- or 6000-level course in that academic unit.

4.4.  The equivalency examination should be completed prior to the time when the course is offered so that the student will have the option of enrolling in the course if he or she does not show adequate evidence of having the required competencies.  If the course is being offered during the semester student is requesting credit by examination, then the student must take the exam within the first two weeks of the semester prior to the Drop/Add date.

4.5.  All equivalency examinations will be administered and graded by no fewer than two faculty members from the academic unit offering the particular course.

4.6.  All credit by examination shall be graded “Credit” or “No Credit.”  “Credit” will be posted on the transcript as “Credit earned by examination” without letter grade or honor points and will not affect the student’s grade point average. Students who receive “No Credit” will have no entry made on their transcripts. A student who does not receive “Credit” then matriculates into the required course.

4.7.  The minimum passing score to receive “Credit” will be 80%; however, a department may set a higher minimum score.  The department will be responsible for informing the student of the minimum passing score before the administration of the equivalency examination.

4.8.  Credit by examination at another regionally accredited university may be transferred in accordance with the current policies of the School of Graduate Studies governing the transfer of credit.

4.9.  A maximum of six credit hours earned through examinations may be included in a master’s program of study.

4.10. The total number of credits by examination plus the number of hours transferred must not exceed 40% of the program requirements.