RUL - 40.01.6 Campus Recreation Rule

Student Affairs
Responsible Office:
Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation, 919-530-6013, [email protected]
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1. Purpose

Campus Recreation is housed in the Division of Student Affairs and is an essential part of the co-curricular NCCU experience. Campus Recreation provides programs and services to the NCCU community and surrounding area. Campus Recreation consists of the following programs: Informal Recreation, Fitness, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Eagle Ventures, and Aquatics.  Each area has specific guidelines in operating the program.

2. Informal Recreation

Informal Recreation is a program of Campus Recreation which is non-structured play in the L.T. Walker Complex.  Informal Recreation includes weight lifting, pick-up basketball, swimming, and other activities that take place during operational hours. Individuals may participate in these activities at their own leisure. 

3. Membership and Eligibility

Undergraduate Students enrolled in classes and paying a student fee are eligible to access the L.T. Walker Complex Fitness Center.  NCCU faculty, staff, and alumni may purchase a membership to utilize the services.  NCCU faculty and staff members are eligible to purchase memberships. Current members are allowed to sponsor a plus one individual who is at least 16 years of age. As Campus Recreation does not actively recruit community members, Campus Recreation does provide a membership for community members.  Membership prices are posted on Campus Recreation website.  The Membership Pricing structure is reviewed annually.

4. Guidelines for Patrons

4.1 Accessing the Facility

In order to access the L.T. Walker Complex Fitness Center all patrons must present their NCCU Eagle Card with their picture. If a patron does not have their NCCU Eagle Card the patron may not be granted access to the facility. 

4.2 Guests

Guests must be sponsored by a Fitness Center member to use facilities. In order to purchase a guest pass, the guest must present a picture ID with proof of age (must be 18), be with the member, and complete an Assumption of Risk form. The Fitness Center member is responsible for and must accompany the guest at all times. The cost for a guest pass is $5.00 a guest.

4.3 Facility Guidelines

The L.T. Walker Complex is a shared facility on campus between academics, campus recreation and athletics. 

4.4 Food and Drink

Food and drinks, other than water, are not allowed in activity areas. Enclosed water bottles with water only are allowed in activity areas. Glass containers are prohibited

4.5 Tobacco Products and Alcohol

Tobacco products and alcohol are strictly prohibited from being used in the facility. Patrons who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the facility immediately.

4.6 Proper Attire

All patrons must be wearing a shirt and non-marking athletic shoes. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while in the facility, with the exception in the men's and women's locker rooms. Jeans, sandals, open shoes (toe or heel), and five finger shoes are not allowed in the weight room or on fitness equipment.

Non-marking court/athletic shoes must be worn in all activity areas. Closed shoes (toe & heel) must be worn in the weight room and on all fitness equipment. Patrons wearing shoes that mark the court will be asked to change shoes before continuing the activity. Patrons may not participate in socks or bare foot with the exception of specialized fitness classes.

4.7 Personal Belongings

All personal belongings, backpacks or gym bags must be stored in a locker. Only gear bags containing handball/racquetball equipment are allowed in the racquetball area. Bags and personal belongings found in activity areas will be turned in at the Fitness Desk or Main Entrance.

4.8 Abusive Behavior

Patrons exhibiting abusive behavior, either verbally or physically, toward a fellow patron or employee will be asked to leave the facility immediately

4.9 Risk Management

There is an assumption of risk when participating in Campus Recreation programs and services. As risk cannot be eliminated, Campus Recreation puts preventative practices in place to reduce risk in the facility.

5. Student Employment

Student employees are essential to the operation of the L.T. Walker Complex.  Campus Recreation relies on both work aid and work study students to assist with operating the building and managing programs. Expectations for all student employees are outlined in a Student Employee Handbook that is provided to students during mandatory training. In addition to adhering to the Student Employee Handbook, work study students are also expected to follow all policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Department.

6. Second Floor Gym Rules and Regulations

6.1 Hanging on the rim, backboard, and nets are prohibited

6.2 Non-marking shoes must be worn at all times

6.3 No food or drink is allowed in the gym

6.4 Chewing gum is not permitted

6.5 Patrons must lock their belongings in a locker as they are not allowed in the gym

6.6 Cleats are not allowed

7. L.T. Walker Pool Rules and Regulations

7.1 All patrons must wear appropriate swimming attire (no cuts-offs)

7.2 All patrons should take a shower before entering the pool to remove any excess body oils or sweat

7.3 Do not spit or blow nose in the pool

7.4 Walking on or swimming under bulkhead (moveable walkway) is prohibited

8. Fitness Program

The Fitness Program consists of a variety programs and services.  The Fitness Center located in L.T. Walker Complex was renovated in 2011 and equipped with cardio and weight equipment.  The space is utilized by members and physical education classes. Personal training and group exercise classes are offered through the Fitness Program of Campus Recreation

9. Weight Lifting

9.1 The use of collars is highly encouraged. Patrons should use a spotter when necessary.  Patrons should not stand on benches or equipment frames, or lean barbells/weight plates against walls or benches. Equipment is to be used as intended by the manufacturer and is for use in the exercise room only. Equipment may only be moved by a staff member. Only NCCU Campus Recreation fitness equipment can be utilized in the facility.

9.2 Avoid loitering on equipment and allow others to “work in” when performing multiple sets. Wipe off equipment immediately after use. Towels and water bottles with a soap solution are provided at various exercise machines.

9.3 Exercises that prohibit the safety of those performing the exercises and other patrons (contraindicated exercises, untraditional exercises, and occupy excessive space) are not allowed.

9.4 Participants must be 17 years of age or older to work out in the weight rooms and at least 16 years of age to use cardio equipment.

10. Personal Trainers

Personal Training must be NCCU Campus Recreation employees. Anyone caught training another individual will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Patrons who are caught multiple times personal training may have their privileges to the facility revoked. Campus Recreation offers personal training services and interested individuals may contact Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness

10.1  Personal training clients are required to sign a Campus Recreation Personal Training Waiver and Agreement.  All clients must complete a PAR-Q and may require doctor approval prior to participating.  The agreement outlines Campus Recreation policies and procedures for personal training.

10.1.1 Fees are due before training session

10.1.2 Members must sign a personal training service log after each session

10.1.3 Results vary for each individual

10.1.4 Client must wear proper attire. Absolutely no jeans, jean shorts, sandals, open toes shoes of any kind

10.1.5 Personal training packages are non-transferable and non-refundable

10.1.6 Members is responsible for scheduling personal training appointment in advance and that the availability of the trainer is on a first come first service basis

10.1.7 Member understands that if he/she chooses to train during peak usage times, the trainer may need to attend urgent situations during the training session

10.1.8 Trainers do not accept any direct or additional payment for their service

10.1.9 Training sessions must be conducted within 90 days of the date of purchase

10.1.10 Please give 24 hour notice to cancel.  If client does not cancel within 24 hours the following will occur; first no show is no offense; 2nd no show=client will forfeit the session

11. Group Exercise Classes

The fitness program offers a wide variety of group exercise classes.  Classes are taught by Campus Recreation employees who have either a certification or completed NCCU Instructor Training Course.

11.1 Group Exercise must have a minimum of three participants for the instructor to conduct class.  All participants must sign-in prior to participating and are encouraged to bring a towel and water bottle.  Classes are subject to change based on instructor availability and attendance.