RUL - 30.01.22 University Printing Rule

Administration and Finance
Responsible Office:
Campus Enterprises
Central Graphics Print Shop, 919-530-6835
Effective Date: July 1, 2002; Revised Date: May 11, 2016


1. Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to explain the guidelines for using the University Print Shop (Central Graphics).

2. Scope

This rule applies to all university departments and activities.

3. Payment

3.1  The Central Graphics Print Shops accepts Purchase Order Numbers, fund and account numbers, cash, master card and visa as forms of payment for processing print jobs. Departments are encouraged to utilize Central Graphics as opposed to an outside vendor.

3.2  When using University funds, departments must supply the fund and account numbers against which the work will be charged prior to work being completed or the department must supply a valid purchase order.  Print jobs will not be processed unless funds are available or an official university issued PO has been provided and verified.

3.3  When using the NCCU Foundation to pay for a print job order, approval must be given from the Foundation before work can begin.  No exceptions.

4. Production Time

4.1  Small jobs of up to 50 copies each of 10 originals are given top priority and can be run while you wait, usually within 30 minutes. Large jobs can usually be completed within two days, as the work schedule permits.

5. Observance of Copyright Laws

5.1  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that materials submitted for printing conform to Federal copyright laws. If NCCU Central Graphic employees become aware, in advance, of a potential violation of those laws, it will be brought to the customer’s attention and any further work postponed, until either the materials are modified to meet statutory requirements or it is determined by a University Attorney that the copyright laws are not being violated.

5.2  The customer is responsible for any costs incurred up to the point where materials are judged to be in violation.

6. Tests and Other Sensitive Material

6.1  Documents such as tests, research data, and patient information may require confidentiality. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Central Graphics Print Shop when initializing such a job. NCCU Central Graphics Print Shop will make every reasonable effort to achieve the desired level of security throughout the production process.