RUL - 30.01.21 Ticket Sales Rule

Administration and Finance
Responsible Office:
Campus Enterprises
NCCU Ticket Office, 919-530-5170
Effective Date: October 7, 1988; Updated July 1, 2012; Revised: April 19, 2016


1. Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to outline procedural operations of NCCU's Ticket Office.  The NCCU Ticket Office consolidates ticket inventory and sales at North Carolina Central University.  The Ticket Office communicates to any event sponsor the necessary policies and procedures regarding ticket inventory and sales.  The Ticket Office centralizes the accountability and monitoring of revenue generated through ticket sales at NCCU.

2. Scope

This rule applies to any group or person who wishes to have an event on campus that requires tickets.

3. Authorized Ticket Seller

3.1 The NCCU Ticket Office is the sole entity approved by the university to sell tickets for all campus events. 

3.1.1 Any event that involves ticket sales must utilize and consult the NCCU Ticket Office to ensure appropriate financial accounting. 

3.1.2 This includes events that are not University sponsored but that are held on University property.

4.  Ticket Inventory and Sales Process

4.1.  The Event Sponsor must notify the NCCU Ticket Office of impending events for which tickets are required. 

4.1.1  The Ticket Office produces tickets on-demand, per ticket purchase or complimentary request.

4.1.2  The Ticket Office issues tickets for sale and receives payments for tickets.

4.1.3   On the day of the event, the Ticket Office Manager or his/her designee supervises the sale and collection of tickets at the event.

5.  Special Ticketing Options

5.1  Discounted Tickets.  The sponsor of the event must contact the NCCU Ticket Office via letter or email if discounted tickets will be in effect for certain buyers. This letter must clearly state who will receive the discount.

5.2  Complimentary Tickets.  The Event Sponsor has the option to distribute complimentary tickets to their special guests. These tickets have no value and can only be distributed with the expressed written consent of the sponsor.

5.3  Complimentary, VIP, and Guest Lists. The NCCU Ticket Office does not utilize a special list at events. It is highly recommended that the sponsor secure complimentary tickets to distribute to special persons prior to an event. Please note that complimentary tickets have no value so they do factor into ticket distribution but not into ticket revenue.