RUL - 30.01.15 Eagle Copy Program Rule

Administration and Finance
Responsible Office:
Campus Enterprises
Eagle Copy Office, 919-530-6149
Effective Date: July 1, 2003; Updated: May 4, 2011
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1.  Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to explain the University’s Eagle Copy Program to the NCCU campus community.

2. Scope

This rule applies to all university departments and student organizations.

3.  Desktop Copiers

3.1  Desktop copiers are not to be utilized by campus departments, if at all possible.  The Eagle Copy Program is designed to provide inexpensive and quality copier services for the students, faculty and staff of NCCU while maintaining self-support, employing staff and contributing any residual funds to the University’s Scholarship Programs.

3.2 The Eagle Copiers will replace desktop copiers and provide a-per-copy program that includes equipment, service and maintenance at an affordable price.

4. Benefits of Eagle Copy Program

4.1 Scholarships are provided to students with excess revenues.

4.2 Reduced costs for departments on cartridge and paper expenses.

4.3 Access to continual up-to-date copier technology.