REG - 80.02.8 Military Leave Policy

Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Department of Human Resources, 919-530-6334
Effective: January 1, 2007; Reformatted/Updated: December 9, 2013; BOT Approval: September 30, 2014; Reformatted: May 10, 2016


1. Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to provide uniform guidance regarding the use of Military Leave.  

2. Scope 

All EHRA and SHRA employees holding permanent, probationary, trainee, and time-limited appointments, and all faculty assigned to benefit accruing positions are covered under these provisions.  Although temporary EHRA and SHRA employees are not eligible for benefits, they are covered under “Section 4, Reinstatement” of the Office of State Human Resources’ policy on military leave. 

3. Policy 

3.1 Leave for certain periods of service in the uniformed service will be granted in accordance with the provisions below. 

3.1.1 Active and Inactive Duty Training Leave with pay may be granted for up to 120 working hours per federal fiscal year (Oct 1 --- Sept 30) for any type of active military duty for members of reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces (including National Guard) who are not on extended active duty. May apply to weekend "drills" only if such drills occur during an employee's regular work schedule. 

3.1.2 Reserve Active Duty When ordered to State or Federal active duty, or as an intermittent disaster-response appointee upon activation of the National Disaster.