REG - 80.02.6 Transfer Leave Policy

Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Department of Human Resources, 919-530-6334
Effective: July 1, 2007; Reformatted/Updated: June 5, 2014; BOT Approval: September 30, 2014; Reformatted: May 10, 2016


1. Policy 

1.1 NCCU recognizes that relocation of an employee is often necessary to serve the best interests of the employee and of NCCU. In order to most effectively utilize the capabilities of each employee and to staff all positions with qualified persons, the transfer of employees may be necessary.  

1.2 When the transfer of an employee is made to a new duty station 35 miles or more away from the current residence, the employee becomes eligible for consideration for reimbursement of moving expenses if the employee chooses to change place of residence. Under such circumstances it is the policy of NCCU to grant leave with pay to the employee for a reasonable amount of time required to locate a new residence and to accomplish the relocation to that new residence.  

2. Scope 

2.1 Full-time or part-time (half-time or more) permanent, probationary, trainee and time-limited employees are eligible for leave. 

2.2 Temporary, intermittent, and part-time (less than half-time) are not eligible for leave.  

3. Leave to Locate a New Residence 

It is desirable that the employee make a decision on permanent living arrangements prior to the time of transfer to the new duty station. Leave with pay may be granted up to a maximum of three trips of three days each to locate a new residence.  NCCU shall consider the employee’s effort being exerted, and progress made, in order to determine if three trips are necessary.  

4. Leave to Move to a New Residence 

4.1 Leave with pay shall be granted for two days when the employee moves household and personal goods from the old residence to the new one. NCCU may grant additional days of leave with pay if the distance between old and new duty stations warrants this, or if other uncontrollable factors require a longer period of time. 

4.2 Note:  Policy on reimbursements for moving expenses is contained in the State Budget Manual. This policy on leave does not always coincide with provisions for paying moving expenses.