REG - 50.03.1 Proposal Submission for Sponsored Projects Regulation

Responsible Office:
Sponsored Research and Programs
Sponsored Research and Programs, 919-530-7333
Updated: February 11, 2011; Effective Date: April 30, 2015


1.  Purpose

The regulation outlined here are designed to satisfy informational needs within the University, UNC General Administration internal processing requirements, and to assure that contractual obligations implied in written proposals are in harmony with University policies, practices, and capabilities.

2.  Scope

In order to gain approval for submission of a research proposal to an off-campus agency, the user should begin by entering the information into RAMSeS (Research Administration Management System and Electronic Submission).  RAMSeS is NCCU’s official proposal tracking and award management system. It is used to create and manage the official University records for all sponsored projects.  All proposals requesting funding for a grant, contract or cooperative agreement, whether submitted electronically or via hardcopy, must be routed through RAMSeS.  This is accomplished by preparing an electronic Internal Processing Form (eIPF) which is mandatory for all applications regardless of the funding source or submission method.

3.  RAMSeS

3.1    The website to access RAMSeS is:

3.2    User Handbook for RAMSeS: NCCU RAMSeS Manual

3.2.1    The manual is designed to walk Research Administrators (RA) and Principal Investigators (PI) through creating and managing submissions in RAMSeS. If at any time you have problems, you should contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs for assistance.

3.3     Complete RAMSeS and attach the following documents when submitting a proposal for review:

3.3.1    Draft Proposal

3.3.2    Budget

3.3.3    Budget Justification

3.3.4    Funding Opportunity Solicitation or Sponsor Guidelines/Instructions

3.3.5    Any forms or documents needing the signature of an Authorized Official of the University

3.3.6    Letters of Commitment by the University (Matching, In-Kind, Cost-sharing, etc.)

3.4     Please submit and certify the proposal in RAMSeS allowing five (5) business days for processing. 

4.   Endorsements

4.1    RAMSeS will route the eIPF to obtain the required endorsing signatures of the Department Chair and/or Dean.

4.1.1    Proposals involving faculty, staff or graduate students from more than one department, college or school must be endorsed by all involved chairs and/or deans.

5.   Review, Approval and Submission

5.1    OSRP will examine in detail the components listed above and proposal to determine if the details are in accord with the policies of the University and of the granting or contracting agency. OSRP will determine whether additional revisions or discussions are needed before final approval for submission is given.

5.1.1    The final and completed application must be received by 8 am on the due date of the proposal.  The OSRP will submit the proposal to the funding agency and confirm validation.