POL - 30.01.2 Catering Policy

Board of Trustees
Responsible Office:
Campus Enterprises
Campus Enterprises, 919-530-7418
Effective Date: July 1, 1996; Updated: August 1, 2008, July 1, 2015; Revised Date: April 19, 2016
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1.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to explain the rules governing the use of catering services on campus to the University community.

2.  Scope

2.1    This policy applies to all university departments and activities.

3.  Contractual Obligations

3.1    NCCU contracts the Dining Service program with a Food Service Contractor.

3.1.1  Catering requests for all events held on campus, whether they are student events or departmental meetings have to be submitted to the Food Service Contractor.  The Food Service Contractor has “First Right of Refusal” and will work to accommodate all catering requests.  However, in the unlikely event that the Food Service Contractor is unable to cater an event, written permission will need to be obtained from the Dining Services Manager and the Director of Campus Enterprises before an off campus vendor can be selected.  In the event that the use of an off campus vendor is approved, the vendor must provide proof of liability insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

3.1.2  The Food Service Contractor is the only food service provider allowed on campus.  Outside vendors, including food trucks are not permitted to distribute or sell food at any time unless special permission is given for special events.  Special events include Homecoming festivities when other rules for food vending apply.

3.1.3  An official University purchase order, money order or credit card payment is required prior to the Food Service Contractor providing any food service to an entity.  This includes on campus departments.  Without payment, service will not be provided.

3.1.4  The Food Service Contractor requires 72 hours’ notice for all catering requests.  Failure to comply will result in a penalty charge being assessed against the order.

3.1.5  Allow 5 – 7 business days for the Food Service Contractor to order any needed food items

3.1.6  Notify the Food Service Contractor as soon as possible with a final count for the event

3.1.7  The Food Service Contractor will not be responsible for events that do not meet the procurement and approval requirements.

4.  Payment Sources

4.1  As a general rule, State Funds may not be used to purchase food items, but only in rare instances for group meetings and the cost must be at the minimum threshold, see state budget manual or contact the University’s Budget Office with questions. 

4.1.1  Food purchases are generally handled through institutional trust or grant funds.    Note: Not all Grant Accounts allow food purchases.  Departments should check grant restrictions or contact Sponsored Research before ordering.