Updated COVID-19 Guidance (August 2, 2021)

Posted August 02, 2021, 5:55PM

North Carolina Central University (NCCU)’s COVID-19 Advisory Team continues to monitor ever-changing COVID-19 data and trends as we have done for the past 18 months. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance recommending that face covering be worn indoors as protection against the emerging Delta variant and ongoing COVID-19 threat, even if you are vaccinated. 

The NCCU community consists of both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, which continues to put everyone at risk. While the current data suggests that all three FDA emergency-use authorized vaccines provide protection from severe disease and hospitalization, emerging data suggests that some vaccinated individuals may still become infected and spread the virus to others. Because unvaccinated individuals remain at high risk for infection, becoming seriously ill and spreading the virus to others, NCCU will temporarily require masks to be worn by everyone within indoor campus spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Beginning Tuesday, August 3, 2021, face coverings will again be required in all indoor spaces on campus for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, with only these exceptions:
    • You are alone in a private, enclosed residence hall room or office with the door closed; or
    • You are actively eating or drinking.
  • Face coverings are not currently required in outdoor spaces for vaccinated individuals, but they are encouraged, especially in large crowds. Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated should continue wearing a face covering outdoors.
  • Face coverings will continue to be required on NCCU buses and shuttles and in state-owned vehicles with two or more occupants.

Additionally, NCCU will now offer on-campus, walk-in COVID-19 rapid testing to all faculty and staff, free of charge.

  • Where:  LeRoy T. Walker Physical Education Complex, First Floor
  • When:   Every Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., beginning August 5, 2021

(*Note: Due to student re-entry testing, there will be no onsite testing August 12, 2021.)

Weekly testing is recommended for individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated, or may have been exposed to COVID-19. Any specimen that tests rapid positive will be sent for PCR confirmation and that test will be billed to the employee’s insurance. In addition, regular testing of certain populations of forward-facing, high contact faculty and staff and testing for occupational exposure will continue to be offered.     

Both students and employees should upload proof of your vaccination status as part of the #CrushCOVID Challenge. Click here for instructions.

The best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and our entire nest is to get your COVID-19 vaccine. All students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated immediately. Limiting the number of susceptible people provides the virus with fewer chances to spread and mutate; this is the only way we can overcome this pandemic and return to some sort of normalcy. 

The NCCU COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, located in the A.E. Student Union, will operate from 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., on the following dates offering all three FDA, emergency use-authorized vaccines (appointment links are included for each):

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