Mass Communication Graduate Overcomes Homelessness to Obtain Degree

Posted December 01, 2022, 9:34AM

It was Tyler Fisher’s humble beginnings that inspired him to soar beyond limits when he arrived at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) in Fall 2018. From elementary to middle school, he and his family experienced homelessness and Fisher was committed to succeeding and in turn, elevating the lives of his loved ones. 

“My mother did the best she could and her fighting spirit and positive outlook on life inspired me to want to do better for myself,” Fisher said.  

It was NCCU’s Free Application Week combined with the institution’s strong program offerings, champion football team and warm Eagle welcome he received that drew him to studying on the sloping hills and verdant green.  

And four years later, the mass communication degree candidate has achieved more than one could dream of at his youthful age. Fisher is the author of three books, “Cardiac Cardinals: Manifesting in Success Begins on Your Journey to Your Identity,” which chronicles his experience of living in poverty finding purpose after a severe high school football injury; “Fried Chicken & Yams," which teaches children the power of gratefulness; and “STAYFAST: The Ambitious Affirmations,” designed to help one achieve goals through affirmations.  

A model of ‘Truth and Service,’ Fisher was featured on the Durham ABC11 affiliate for using some of his scholarship money to finance the development and printing of hundreds of copies of his third book, “Fried Chicken & Yams” for students at the local C.C. Spaulding Elementary School where he interned during his freshman year.  

Additionally, his third book, “STAYFAST” has expanded into a clothing brand aimed to encourage people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.  

Fisher noted that NCCU resources like the Writing and Speaking Studio were instrumental to his craft.  

“Writing served as therapy for my high school football injury, and both studios greatly enhanced my development as a writer and public speaker,” added Fisher.  

He also attributes his success to student organizations such as the Men’s Achievement Center, which provided him brotherhood; the Collegiate 100, where he served as vice president; and the Entrepreneurship Club, where he also served as vice president. Fisher also interned for companies such as HBCU Heroes and the Micheaux Film Festival as a student executive producer and showrunner.  

“These experiences have prepared me for my next chapter in creative writing, collaborating, producing, and expanding my creativity through digital content through a production company,” he added.  

His advice for future Eagles? 

“Take initiative of the resources that NCCU offers. Apply for scholarships early. Remember that failure is only a learning obstacle and opportunity for growth.” 

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