Legal Eagle Continues Family Legacy at NCCU School of Law

Posted April 21, 2023, 1:41PM

Asia Skyers has always wanted to be a lawyer, and with good reason as she had wonderful models in the legal field to look up to.

“My dad, who is a ‘Legal Eagle,’ is the best attorney I know,” Skyers said. “After school, I used to go to the firm and watch him work. It was inspiring and since the North Carolina Central University School of Law trained and prepared my dad for success, I knew it was the place for me.”

Skyers' family legacy runs deep at the law school as two of her aunts - Sharon Skyers '93 and Shirley Skyers-Thomas '99 - and fiancé Bryan Sumner ‘19 are also alumni.

However, after receiving her bachelor’s degree in political science from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., Skyers took a slight detour from pursuing her legal dreams and obtained her Master of Public Administration degree from NCCU with plans to work in government. But government work was not in line with her passion for litigation and trial work, and she returned to Eagleland, this time, for the joint juris doctor/Master of Information Science program.

“I am very much interested in intellectual property and the protection of creativity and thought,” Skyers said.

She began her journey with that goal in mind and, following graduation, Skyers will begin her career as a civil litigator with a law firm in Raleigh.

Skyers notes that her experience at the law school was great and one she wished she had during her undergraduate program.

“I was recognized as an individual and pushed to be the best academically,” she added. “Law school faculty, like Nakia Davis, David Green and Donald Corbett, didn’t accept subpar efforts and encouraged me to enhance my train of thought during class and when briefing case law.”

When she thinks about her motivation to become a lawyer, Skyers references her two younger siblings and the sacrifices that her father and her mother made for all three of them.

“I am the oldest of three and it is important that I set an example for my siblings by showing them the value of hard work,” she notes. “Also, I refuse to let my parents’ sacrifices go in vain.”

Skyers happily shares that NCCU School of Law will also hold a special place in her heart and within her family.

“This school has provided my family and myself unparalleled legal training, lasting relationships and a powerful network. I met my future husband at our dear law school; we are both proud that Central Law is a permanent and vital part of our love story.”

Her advice for future Legal Eagles?

"Enjoy the journey – the good and bad – as hard times prepare you for better times. Also, relish in your wins."

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