International Student Soars with Two Graduate Degrees

Posted April 16, 2021, 2:07PM
Ini-obong Obot

Ini-obong Obot, a native of Nigeria, will complete his studies at NCCU after earning two master’s degrees.

In 2019, prior to entering the School of Library and Information Sciences, Obot earned an MBA from the School of Business.

After graduating from Babcock University in Nigeria, he began his graduate program search for a university where he would feel welcomed and given a holistic student experience, as well as receive a quality education. He enrolled at NCCU in 2018 to begin his first experience attending college on a United States college campus.

“Everyone on NCCU’s campus, from the professors to staff and my classmates, had a very open reception of me and my culture,” Obot said. “As an international student, receiving a warm embrace was an amazing feeling.”

He said attending NCCU gave him some amazing experiences along with the credentials he needs to succeed.

Obot became interested in NCCU’s Library and Information Science master’s degree offering.

“Obtaining an additional master’s degree in information and library science gives me an added advantage in the job market,” he said. 

Before coming to NCCU, Obot was a finance and administrative officer in Nigeria.

In America, he recently served as an extern at AT&T.

Obot, who graduates with a 4.0, is a member of the University Honors Program and the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society and previously served as vice-president of the NCCU’s Graduate Student Association.

His skills certifications include the Scrum Foundation Professional, Google Professional and Lean Six Sigma White Belt, among others.

Obot credits the National Black MBA conference he attended as an NCCU student with spurring him to network with company leaders and ultimately land a coveted job offer.

Obot will begin work following graduation as a technology analyst for Credit Suisse, a global financial services company. His aspirations for the future include earning a doctoral degree and entering academia as a professor.

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