Faculty Entrepreneurship Workshop

Posted October 20, 2023, 12:13PM

North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Business is proud to announce the impact of its Faculty Entrepreneurship Workshop on the academic community. 

Through the workshop, faculty members have integrated entrepreneurial principles into their courses and actively engaged in startup ventures and collaborative industry projects. This hands-on approach has enriched their own professional growth and created valuable educational opportunities for students.

One of the key outcomes of this workshop is the enhanced reputation and stakeholder engagement of the School of Business. Alumni from NCCU are establishing businesses that contribute to the local economy and also foster a culture of entrepreneurship within the region. This workshop is not just an educational endeavor; it is an investment in the economic growth of the community.

The anticipated impact is promising. With a growing number of faculty and student entrepreneurs, NCCU foresees a continuous surge in startup initiatives and innovative projects. The entrepreneurial spirit at the university is expected to lead to more partnerships, funding opportunities, and business ventures, positioning the School of Business as a hub for entrepreneurial excellence.

By nurturing innovation and providing a platform for entrepreneurial endeavors, the School of Business is creating a conducive environment for success and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship for all members of its academic community.

The School of Business remains committed to empowering its students and faculty with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. It continues to embrace innovation, collaboration, and real-world application, ensuring that its graduates are well-prepared to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

For more information about North Carolina Central University School of Business and its entrepreneurial initiatives, please visit nccu.edu/entrepreneurship.

Headshot of Dr. Steven Day

Dr. Steven Day, Assistant Professor, Business

Facilitating Professor of the Faculty Entrepreneurship Certification Program

Dr. Steven W. Day, Ph.D., is an esteemed Assistant Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at North Carolina Central University. Holding a doctorate from Jackson State University, he is a prolific researcher renowned for his expertise in Emotional Labor, Social Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, and International Business. 

Headshot of Dr. Caesar R. Jackson

Dr. Caesar R. Jackson, Professor, Mathematics and Physics

Course Proposal: Rediscovering STEM through Entrepreneurial Thinking 

Headshot of Diane M. Littlejohn, J.D.

Diane M. Littlejohn, J.D., Executive Director of the Law & Tech Center

Course Proposal: Law Firm Technology and Entrepreneurship: Navigation the Business of Law

Headshot of Nakia C. Davis, J.D.

Nakia C. Davis, J.D., Associate Dean of Clinical Education and

Experiential Learning

Course Proposal: The Integration of Entrepreneurship and its Impact on Property in the Context of Family Law

Headshot of Dr. Kristi V. Johnson

Dr. Kristi V. Johnson, Director of Dance and Asst. Professor

Course Proposal: Exploring Entrepreneurial Strategies and Processes to Generate Innovative Business Ideas That Align Student-Dancer’s Artistic Practice with the Specific Needs of the Community or the Overall Dance Profession.

Headshot of Dr. Paula Perez

Dr. Paula Perez, Faculty, Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences

Course Proposal: Integration of Entrepreneurship in “Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences Community Education” Course

Headshot of Dr. Pankita C. Patel

Dr. Pankita C. Patel, Asst. Professor, Art and Design

Course Proposal: Integrating an Entrepreneurship Component into the “Advanced Design” Course


Headshot of Dr. Shanika L. Wilson,

Dr. Shanika L. Wilson, Assoc. Professor, Social Work

Course Proposal: Early-Stage Planning for Life in a Private Practice

Headshot of Mr. Carter Chavis

Mr. Carter Chavis, Lecturer/ TV Studio Asst, Department of Mass Communication

Course Proposal: Finding and Pitching a Gig

A groupshot of teachers and participants

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