Eagle Connect Program Illuminates Pathway for Student Success

Posted December 06, 2023, 4:18PM
NCCU Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye and Durham Technical Community College President JB Buxton smile while signing agreement for enhanced Eagle Connect Program.

The enhanced Eagle Connect Program between Durham Technical Community College and North Carolina Central University (NCCU) is transforming educational pathways for students like Selnatta Vereen and E. Gray Stanley.  
At 55, after a remarkable 27-year career at Duke University and raising twins, Vereen is gearing up to pursue her dream of studying business administration and HR management at NCCU.  
Thanks to the program, Durham Tech students in good standing with an approved associate degree are guaranteed acceptance to NCCU. The program, renewed with a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing on Nov. 28, 2023, offers many resources, from academic advising to access to NCCU's vibrant campus life. The Eagle Connect Program exemplifies the commitment of both institutions to create a seamless transition, unlocking a tapestry of opportunities for student success. 

“Joining this program, I feel like they're not just looking for students, but they're looking for me,” Vereen shared in a recent Spectrum News interview

For Stanley, an NCCU junior who graduated from Durham Tech, the impact of these enhancements is profound.  
"Getting to know faculty and being a part of campus life before enrolling at Central will make the transition so much easier," he said encouraging more students to seize this route and fulfill their dreams. 

During the MOU celebration, NCCU Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye noted that the signing signified more than a formality; it symbolized a collective dedication to a new era of educational excellence.  
"The Eagle Connect Program solidifies ‘The Eagle Promise’ guaranteeing successful completion of a four-year degree, national and international opportunities, leadership development, and career readiness for our students," he said.  

Additionally, Durham Tech President J.B. Buxton emphasized the positive impact of the strengthened partnership. 

"N.C. Central University’s commitment to creating early affiliation, seamless transition, and access to services and activities for our students will lead to an increase in the students who transfer and obtain bachelor’s degrees in our community. That’s good for students, for families, and for regional prosperity." 

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