Public Health Education


In health education, we work to prevent the diseases and injuries that doctors and nurses often treat.  Whereas doctors and nurses usually work with individuals, health educators generally focus on communities.  

What Is Health Education?

We work to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviors, and we work to ensure that communities have the resources they need to support the health of their residents — everything from nutritious food in school cafeterias and adequate parks and recreation facilities for exercise to laws that prohibit smoking in public places and texting while driving.

What We Have to Offer

Clinical Health Summer Program Group

Our Degrees

The Department of Public Health Public Education offers a professional preparation program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education.
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Our Internships

The internship is an integral part of the undergraduate training in Public Health Education and follows the completion of all other required courses in the major.

Our Department

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We provide financial assistance and guidance through appropriate communication and learning activities that empower students to fulfill their academic aspirations.

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Department faculty and staff work within communities to promote life-long, self-directed behaviors conducive to health.

Message from the Department Chair

Welcome to the website for the Department of Public Health Education at North Carolina Central University. Many students enter NCCU with an interest in health-related issues and a desire for a healthy career. Most are thinking about medicine or nursing. Check out the message from the department chair to learn what Public Health Education can offer you!

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