Students in Public Service (SiPS) Academy

Welcome to the Students in Public Service (SiPS) Academy

Welcome to SiPS Academy at NCCU, shaping future leaders through multidisciplinary education, experiential learning, and a passion for public service. Join us in making a global impact! SiPS Academy provides a plethora of opportunities to empower our student body that will positively impact our community.

Truth is information; we must never stop seeking. Service is our purpose. Service to humanity provides a measure for everything we do.

James E. Shepard
Founder of North Carolina Central University

SiPS Certification

We prioritize a diverse group of students who are politically aware and civically active to cultivate global leaders. This 12-credit interdisciplinary program offers a comprehensive understanding of leadership, diversity inclusion, and policy/social issues, aimed at cultivating high-quality skill sets for the future of public service.

Public Service Exploration

Public service exploration signifies our program's determination to provide a national and global perspective regarding public service. Providing this type of experiential learning will cultivate networking among students as well as broaden their understanding of what public service might symbolize in other parts of the world.


Public Service Dialogues

These gatherings are open to the student body and will include a range of engaging activities, from social events to guest speakers in the public service sector, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for attendees.

Volcker Alliance Next Generation Service Corps

The SiPS Academy is part of a bigger initiative. Our partner Next Generation Service Corps draws diverse, talented young people into government careers, inspiring them to break barriers when pursuing change.


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Boykin, Courtney E

Program Director

Community Engagement

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