NCCU and Halifax County Community College Partner to Increase Diversity in North Carolina’s Cybersecurity Industry

Posted June 26, 2023, 12:41PM

North Carolina Central University School of Business (NCCU) and Halifax County Community College (HCCC) have entered into a new partnership aimed to enhance the talent pipeline for the state’s cybersecurity industry.

As of April 2023, students from HCCC can transfer up to 68 credits into NCCU’s Information Technology - Cybersecurity Concentration Program with confidence that each credit will apply towards completion of the curriculum’s Bachelor of Science degree.

"At North Carolina Central University School of Business, we understand that a robust education program plays a vital role in preparing students for successful careers. Our partnership with Halifax County Community College is a reflection of our commitment to providing high-quality educational opportunities to all students, regardless of their background. Through this collaboration, we hope to provide transfer students with the support they need to make a seamless transition into our Cybersecurity Program and achieve their educational and career goals,” said Anthony C. Nelson, Ph.D., NCCU School of Business dean.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cybersecurity field expects to see a projected growth of 35% over the next eight years, which is much faster than the expected 5% growth for all occupations. With more than three million people who have been affected by data breaches in the No. 5 market for the industry – North Carolina – there is a critical need for companies to secure top-tier personnel through partnerships with NCCU and HCCC.

The articulation agreement was the result of the initiative of Deanne Cranford-Wesley, Ph.D., director of the cybersecurity lab and clinical professor in the computer information systems department at the NCCU School of Business; Tysha Hansley, NCCU coordinator of upper division advising; and Emmanuel Obi, HCCC department head of informational technology, alongside their respective team of dedicated professionals.

"We are excited about this new collaboration with Halifax Community College. We hope that this agreement is beneficial to the students transferring to NCCU," said Cranford-Wesley. "This partnership is a great opportunity for students who would like to continue their educational journey in the cybersecurity field of study, and to provide companies with an expert range of diverse talent.

“The bilateral transfer agreement between North Carolina Central University and Halifax Community College shows a clear pathway for cybersecurity students,” said Obi. "Students will be able to make better course choices and save time and money as they work towards their baccalaureate degree."

For more information about the program, contact Dr. Deanne Cranford-Wesley at [email protected].

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