Stories of Promise

This promise is central to our vision for you. Discover our collection of stories from other Eagles who are living the Eagle Promise.

On Time Promise
Roderick Heath

Roderick Heath '06

B.A., Mass Communications

Former director of the Men's Achievement Center

"If you're looking for the glitz and glamour of what college looks like on the outside, NCCU may not be for you. But if you're looking for a family and faculty and staff that cares and looks after you, you'll find that here. If you're looking for a home, we've got you."

3 Eagle Sisters

3 Eagle Sisters

Marion Taylor Bunch Holloway '74, '78

Naomi Taylor Totten '79

Teressa Taylor Huff '89

"Due to our upbringing at home and our experiences as students of NCCU, we were given the opportunity to show ourselves how we can influence other people. We have grown personally and professionally to ensure that everyone that we come in contact with will be able to receive some form of education."

Nicolette Cumberbatch

Nicollete Cumberbatch '20

B.S., Nursing

Travel Nurse for Underserved Populations

"The first day of my job, I was ready. We have a lot of pride, and I'm an Eagle, and all we do is soar. I was nervous, but I knew I went to an amazing nursing school to prepare me, and I had the confidence to do this job. I was more than prepared and capable to exceed and excel in my career."

Taysha Elliot '21

Taysha Elliot '21

B.S., Nursing

Clinical Nurse I, NICU, Duke University Hospital

"You should consider NCCU because no matter what field or major you are interested in, you'll have an armful of people willing to help you with your success. If you voice where you want to go, the professors, alumni, and other students will be there to share information and support you. The sky is truly the limit because you have the support there."