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Accommodations and Services

Steps in the Accommodations Process:

  • The accommodations process at the SDS Office begins when a student comes to the office to disclose their disability and register for accommodations.
  • The student must provide documentation of the disability from a doctor or medical provider. The documentation must be comprehensive and include a clear diagnostic statement. Documentation regarding the disability should include a description of the assessment tools used to render the diagnosis, as well as all test and subtest scores.
  • The SDS Director or Assistant Director reviews the documentation. If the student is eligible to receive accommodations, the Director or Assistant Director discusses what accommodations the student requires to ensure accessibility of learning in the classroom environment.
  • The student must complete the following forms during the initial visit to the SDS Office, which can be downloaded. (Student Data SheetRelease of Information and Current Impact Statement) The student then receives and signs a Letter of Accommodations for each professor. Two letters are provided, if needed, for each professor (the original and a copy signed by the student).
  • The student must arrange a meeting with each professor to provide them the Letter of Accommodations.
  • The student and the professor must discuss how the accommodations will be carried out in the context of the class throughout the semester.
  • The professor reviews and keeps the original copy of the Letter of Accommodations, and signs the photocopy of the Letter of Accommodations. Or, the professor may call the SDS Office for consultation, if needed.
  • The student must return the professor-signed copies of his or her Letters of Accommodations to the SDS Office to be maintained on file.
  • The student must return to the SDS Office each semester to request current semester Letters of Accommodations.

The SDS Office accepts walk-ins for initial or returning accommodations requests during the first two weeks of each semester. After that time, students are encouraged to make an appointment by email or phone call.

At the initial visit, students are required to bring:

  •  documentation from a doctor or other medical provider
  • a copy of their current semester’s class schedule

During your visit each student will complete the following forms (these forms may be completed prior to your visit):

NOTE: Students are required to register with the SDS Office each semester to request services, preferably in the first two weeks.

Accommodations become effective when each instructor has received, signed and dated the accommodation letter. Student Disability Services does not provide accommodations retroactively. For example, if a student does not obtain instructor’s signature until October 5, the accommodations are provided from October 5 until the end of the semester. A student may choose not to use the approved accommodations in all of their classes. In that case notification will only be sent to specific instructors as requested by the student. Concerns or questions regarding accommodations should be directed to the Director of Student Disability Services.

Accommodations approved by the university will be made available at no cost to the student.Equipment for personal use, attendant care and educational assistants to be used inside or outside of the classroom are the responsibility of the student. NCCU is not responsible for the location, scheduling or funding of such services.

Requested accommodations not supported by the student’s documentation will be denied by the university.

Provisional Accommodations

Provisional accommodations may be provided for students for a specific number of working days or one semester, pending the receipt of official and complete documentation of a student’s disability or disabilities. These cases will be handled individually and at the discretion of the Director of Student Disability Services. Provisional accommodations, if approved, will be for up to one semester only pending further appropriate documentation. 

In addition, some disabilities are temporary and may only require accommodations for a limited time. Each case is considered individually. The following documentation is required for accommodations based on a provisional disability: letter on letterhead from a qualified professional stating diagnosis, functional limitations necessitating the accommodations and estimated length of services. 

Late Accommodations Requests

Some accommodations require more planning than others. Deadlines for accommodation requests are intended as a guide so students can plan. Requests for accommodations submitted after the recommended deadline of two weeks at the beginning of the semester, will not be denied for that reason. However, a reasonable delay in the start of the accommodation should be expected.

What kind of services and accommodations are available?

These are the most commonly provided services and accommodation; however this list is not exhaustive. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Reader services
  • Note taker services
  • Interpreter services
  • Campus orientation
  • Adaptive transportation
  • Referrals for tutoring and counseling
  • Relocation of classes to accessible buildings
  • Alternative testing methods
  • Adaptive Physical Education class
  • Adaptive computer software/assistive technology
  • Access to alternate forms of text 
  • Consultation to students and faculty

Note: The University will make the final decisions concerning the appropriateness of accommodations.

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