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NCCU Celebrates Faculty and Staff at Awards Banquet

North Carolina Central University celebrated the accomplishments of its faculty and staff at the annual Eagle Promise Banquet Awards on May 4, 2019, at the Durham Convention Center in downtown Durham.

Recipients of the top faculty and staff awards for the 2018-2019 academic year included:

Chancellor’s Excellence in Service Award

  • Zelda Stanfield, executive assistant to the Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor’s Change Agent Award

  • Lori Blake-Reid, director of Facilities Services, Department of Facilities Operations

Chancellor’s Leadership Award

  • Akua Matherson, associate vice chancellor for Administration and Finance, Division of Administration and Finance

Unsung Eagle Award

  • Wallecia Eley, public communications and marketing coordinator, Department of Undergraduate Admissions

NCCU Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr. Yvette Bonaparte, assistant professor, Department of Business Administration
  • Dr. Christopher Paul, assistant professor, Department of Public Administration
  • Dr. Nina Smith, assistant professor, Department of Human Sciences

Soaring Eagle Award

  • Deborah Brame, director of Student Professional Development, School of Business
  • Sgt. Corey Bullock, Public Safety Officer, NCCU Police
  • Randall Childs, interim associate vice chancellor for development, Division of Institutional Advancement
  • Timothy Carlton?, facilities coordinator, Athletics
  • Charmaine Dominique, business officer, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Selina Mumford, executive assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Courtney Nash, network analyst, Information Technology Services
  • Anita Parker, development associate, Athletics
  • Anthony Philpott, executive assistant, School of Library and Information Sciences
  • Jerome Tiangson, facilities maintenance supervisor, Facilities Operations
  • Patrice Walker, director of client services, Information Technology Services
  • Collette Williams, human resources specialist – payroll, Human Resources

Spotlight Award

  • Chevon Bogle-Dessuit, director of Student Accessibility Services, Student Accessibility Services
  • Wendalyn Perry, academic advisor, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Michael White, building environmental services technician, Facilities Operations 
  • Tawanda Clay, building environmental services technician, Facilities Operations
  • Tracey Foster, building environmental services supervisor, Facilities Operations 
  • Carl Smith, building environmental services supervisor, Facilities Operations
  • Burnell Bright, purchasing specialist, Purchasing
  • Cherrill Parker, administrative support specialist, Scholarships and Student Aid
  • Sonya Parker, project manager, Scholarships and Student Aid
  • Pearl Wilson, executive assistant, University Accreditation
  • Titichia Mitchell-Jackson, director of bar preparation and support, School of Law

Numerous nominations were also received from divisions, units, colleges and schools across campus to acknowledge faculty and staff for their outstanding achievements in leadership, teaching performance, mentorship, innovation, student services and support. Nominees included:

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Leadership by Staff

  • Dr. Pauletta Bracy
  • Carol Chestnut
  • Sandra Davis
  • Catrina DosReis
  • Joel Faison
  • Tamette Farrington
  • Dr. Nicole Gibbs
  • Dr. Jerome Goodwin
  • Calleen Herbert
  • Darrien Jerman
  • Juls Joyner
  • Darrell Kemp
  • Laurell Malone
  • Edward Marquart
  • Larrisa McGill-?Youngblood
  • Valerie McIver
  • Ruby Messick
  • George Midgett
  • Demetria Robinson
  • Jamaal Shamsuddeen

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Leadership by Faculty

  • Dr. Bruce dePyssler
  • Dr. Deborah Fortune
  • Brenda Gibson
  • Dionne Gonder-Stanley
  • Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman
  • Dr. Jonathan Livingston
  • Dr. Harvey McMurray
  • Dr. Philliph Mutisya
  • Dr. Emmanuel Oritsejafor
  • Dr. Christopher Paul
  • Dr. Russell Robinson
  • Dr. Chad Royal
  • Christopher Solomon
  • Lolethia Underdue
  • Stephen Valentine
  • Kia Vernon
  • Dr. Larry Williams

Nominees for Outstanding Leadership by a Department Chair, Director or Manager

  • Lori Blake-Reid
  • Donald Corbett
  • Sandra Davis
  • Dr. Sherry Eaton
  • Dr. Calvin Hall
  • Dr. Grace Hao
  • Roderick Heath
  • Dr. Fredrick Johnson
  • Sharon Jones
  • Kimberly Phifer-McGhee
  • Dr. Harvey McMurray
  • Orok Orok
  • Ann Penn
  • Kweneshia Price
  • Dr. Seronda Robinson
  • Dr. Wendy Rountree
  • Dr. Dorothy Singleton
  • Jerome Tiangson
  • Dr. Zaphon Wilson
  • Information Technology ?Services/Network Department

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Leadership by an Administrator?

  • Dr. Yolanda Anderson
  • Dr. Paul Baker
  • Dr. Audrey Beard
  • Dr. Toya Corbett
  • Dr. Jon Gant
  • Dr. Monica Leach
  • William Moultrie
  • Dr. Anthony Nelson
  • Dr. Pedro Nino
  • Dr. Sharon Oliver
  • Johnnie Southerland
  • Giovanni Wade
  • Dr. Ingrid Wicker-McCree
  • Dr. Carlton Wilson
  • Dr. Ontario Wooden
  • Dr. Robert Wortham

Nominees for Innovative Teaching Performance by a Member of the Junior Faculty

  • Dr. Jennifer Barrow
  • Tia Doxey
  • Dr. Caresse Gerald
  • Chad Hughes
  • Dr. Charles Johnson
  • Dr. Kellyn Hall
  • Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman
  • Dr. Christopher McGinn
  • Dr. Henry McKoy

Nominees for Innovative Teaching Performance by a Member of the Senior Faculty

  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmed
  • Dr. Matthew Cook
  • Dr. Lydia Lindsey
  • Dr. Emmanuel Oritsejafor
  • Dr. James Osler
  • Dr. Shauntae White
  • Dr. George Wilson

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in the Use of Technology in the Classroom

  • Dr. Racheal Brooks
  • Brett Chambers
  • Dr. Jessica Davis-Ganao
  • Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman
  • Hilary Huskey
  • Dr. Lydia Lindsey
  • Dr. Christopher McGinn
  • Dr. James Osler
  • Michael Pearce
  • Eric Saliim
  • Dr. Shanika Wilson

Nominees for Teaching Innovation - New Faculty Member

  • Dr. Candice Alick 
  • Richard LaBennett
  • Dr. Sean Tikkun

Nominees for Innovation – New Staff Member

  • Rashonn Albritton
  • Tamette Farrington
  • Shayron Saunders

Nominees for Innovator of the Year

  • Dr. Pauletta Bracy
  • Dr. Racheal Brooks
  • Gregory Clinton
  • Dr. Christopher Edwards
  • Katherine Farley
  • Dr. Laurell Malone
  • Dr. Henry McKoy
  • Dr. Jamila Minga
  • Eric Saliim
  • Dr. Sean Tikkun
  • Dr. Shanika Wilson

Nominees for Sunshine Spirit Award

  • Rosa Anderson
  • Tia Marie Doxey
  • Wallecia Eley
  • Alicia Golden
  • Josephine Harris
  • Rebie Hansom
  • Sharnia Herbin
  • Tammy Jones
  • Selina Mumford
  • Anita Parker
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Jamillah Scott-Branch
  • Ellen Whitworth
  • Doris Woods

Nominees for Support Person of the Year

  • Tannya Artis
  • Tim Carlton
  • Sandra Davis
  • Teresa Dunn
  • Wallecia Eley
  • JoAnne Griffin
  • Rebie Hansom
  • Juls Joyner
  • Beghetta Liles
  • Cassandra Madden
  • Eydie Martin
  • Douglas McDowell
  • Selina Mumford
  • Debra Parker
  • Shayron Saunders
  • Cyndi Shaw
  • Vickie Spencer
  • Ellen Whitworth

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement by a Student Group/Organization

  • Biology Society
  • Campus Echo Staff
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
  • Men’s Achievement Center
  • Student Athletics 
  • Academic Support  Services
  • Student Engagement and Leadership

Nominees for Outstanding Innovation in Student Engagement

  • ?Rosa Anderson
  • Tawanda Burno
  • Dr. Janice Dargan
  • Dr. Bruce dePyssler
  • Dr. Caressa Gerald
  • Alicia Golden
  • Roderick Health
  • Osaffo James
  • Kelsey McCrae
  • Yolanda Mercer
  • George Midgett
  • Kwadjo Steele
  • Dr. Kaye Thompson-Rogers

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Student Diversity

  • Jenna Baranowski
  • Wadeeah Beyah
  • Sabrina Butler
  • Krishnee Coley
  • Christina Garrett
  • Emily Guzman
  • Sharnia Herbin
  • Dr. Kesha Lee
  • Eva Marmon-Halm
  • Giovanni Wade
  • Estella Wilkerson
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Dr. Carlton Wilson
  • Men’s Achievement Center
  • Women’s Center

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Student Mentoring?

  • Brent Chambers
  • Dr. Bruce dePyssler
  • Christina Garrett
  • Sharnia Herbin
  • Dr. Charles Johnson
  • Larrisha McGill-Youngblood
  • George Midgett
  • Dr. Nigel Pierce
  • Edward Reid
  • Maria Roper
  • Christopher Solomon
  • Kent Williams
  • Dr. ClarLynda Williams-DeVane

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Staff Mentoring

  • Cleveland Anderson
  • Calleen Herbert
  • Demetria Robinson
  • Sonya Scott
  • Kwadjo Steele
  • Theresa Turner
  • Dr. Carlton Wilson

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Faculty Mentoring

  • Dr. Racheal Brooks
  • Donald Corbett
  • Dr. Calvin Hall
  • Dr. Jim Harper III
  • Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman
  • Dr. Laurell Malone
  • Dr. Mildred Pointer
  • Dr. Wendy Rountree
  • Dr. Timothy Seigler
  • Christopher Solomon
  • Dr. Larry Williams
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