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NCCU Offers GoPass for Student Commuters

North Carolina Central University is pleased to offer the NCCU GoPass – a free public transportation bus pass – to students. The GoPass allows students to take transit to and from the NCCU campus on any route, with any agency in the GoTransit family of services. To sign up for a GoPass, visit us at the 10:40 a.m. breaks on Tuesday, August 18 and Thursday, August 20 at the Library Bowl. NCCU ID required.  In the event of rain or threat of rain distribution will take place inside the Student Union. For more information, contact the Department of Transportation at 919-530-6362. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GoPass? 

The GoPass allows students to take transit wherever they need to go in the Triangle, on any route, with any transit agency, as much as needed for commuting to and from school at North Carolina Central University. The objective of a GoPass is to get individuals out of the habit of commuting to/from school at NCCU via single occupancy vehicles, save gas, money and emissions with the ultimate goal of improving  air quality throughout the Triangle. 

When/to where can the GoPass be used? 

The intent of the GoPass is ONLY for use while commuting to and from school at NCCU.  It is not intended for personal use on weekends or to special events. 

On which transit agencies can the GoPass be used?

The GoPass can be used with the following transit service providers:  GoTriangle (Regional); GoDurham; GoRaleigh; and C-Tran (Cary).   The GoPass is not needed to ride the bus in Chapel Hill, as Chapel Hill Transit is already a free service to all who ride.

Who is eligible to receive a GoPass?

Any current NCCU student.

How long is the GoPass valid?  

The GoPass is an annual pass, valid from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Who administers the distribution and deactivation of passes? 

Should you need a replacement pass for any reason, please return your existing pass or notification of theft or loss to NCCU Department of Transportation. They will record the loss/damage/theft and replace your card.

What if I need help figuring out what routes to take to/from NCCU campus? 

Help is available! Free one-on-one assistance is available to you to help you figure out your personal transit commute and familiarize you with the Triangle’s transit services. Contact Mr. Liston Peoples at 919-485-7574 or lpeoples@gotriangle.org.

Are the buses easy to recognize? 

YES!  Now it’s easier than ever! We have recently rebranded all the buses in the region to make it easier for riders to recognize the system they are on or should take.  See the attached transit logos to familiarize yourselves with GoTriangle (regional), GoDurham, GoRaleigh, C-Tran (Cary Transit – their name will transition to GoCary in 2016). 

Find the Information you Need

  • GoTriangle:  Find all the information you need about transit services and sustainable commuting, transit routes, rider apps for real time transit arrival for your smart phone (a Transloc service, “Rider”), schedules and to see the new logos and names of the “Go” family of transit services in the Triangle.  See the transit link at www.gotriangle.org to learn more about:

  • Bus on Shoulder (BOSS):  To get there faster, even during high congestion times.
  • Wi-fi on all our buses:  to maximize your productivity during your commute
  • Transit service schedules and routes
  • Link to the ridematching, ERH and GoPerks Program from SharetheRideNC under the ridematching tab.
  • Transloc Real Time Transit Arrival app: download the Transloc Rider app to favorite your routes and arrival times, and see real time where your bus is and when it will arrive at your stop.
  • Rider Alerts:  Sign up for rider alerts to get up to date changes or diversions to transit travel to your phone or email.
  • ShareTheRideNC:  Find a rideshare (carpool/vanpool) partner, register for Emergency Ride Home, check in to the GoPerks trip tracking calendar and more at www.sharetheridenc.org  
  • GoPerks:  Earn even more rewards for your sustainable commutes using transit (or any other sustainable commute mode like bike, walk, carpool, vanpool).  Each time you log your commute, you’ll earn points to redeem for great gift cards to restaurants and retailers.   
  • FREE Emergency Ride Home:  Register for ERH ahead of time so you have your account set up and ready to retrieve your voucher for a FREE ride home in case you have unscheduled overtime or need to address an unforeseen emergency that precludes you from taking your sustainable commute mode back home.
  • Park & Rides:  Use the GoTriangle Park-and-Rides for easier access to transit when there’s not a stop closer to your home.  They’re free and still make it easier to shorten your commute.  http://www.gotriangle.org/transit/park-and-ride/
  • Additional FAQ’s about Transit in General:    If you still have questions about your transit commute, please visit www.gotriangle.org/transit/faqs/c/transit/
Published: Tuesday, August 18, 2015
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