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Know Your Rights!

Stay Informed, Know Your Rights!
You Have the Right To - 
  • Be advised in writing of all charges as initiated in a charge letter.
  • Decline to make any statements concerning the charges.
  • Be advised of the evidence that will be presented during the hearing and the identity of individuals who will be present at the hearing.
  • Submit a written account relating to the alleged charges. 
  • Be represented by a licensed attorney or non-attorney advocate throughout the entire Student Conduct Process, provided written Notice of Representation, signed FERPA authorization and Certification forms are received within two (2) business days after notification of allegations.  Note: The Notice of Representation must include the identity of the licensed attorney or non-attorney advocate, specification of their status as licensed attorney or non-attorney, and address, telephone number, and email where the licensed attorney may be reached.  The FERPA Authorization and Certification forms will be provided in the notification email. 
  • Have a reasonable amount of time to prepare for a hearing. 
  • Request a delay of the hearing for academic or extenuating circumstances. 
  • Admit responsibility for any or all of the charges.
  • Hear and question witnesses when a formal hearing is held.
  • Present relevant evidence and witnesses. 
  • Present character references at the sanctioning phase of the hearing. 
  • Request an alternate hearing officer with the same disciplinary authority as the initial officer if it is felt that the officer has an interest in the case or is biased. 
  • Be free from being charged by the University twice for the same instance of misconduct. 
  • Be presumed not responsible until proven otherwise. 
  • Appeal a decision by a hearing or a conduct officer within the time limits specified in the Code.
Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2017
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