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How Do I Access my Campus Voicemail?

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Access my Campus Voicemail?


Accessing Your Voicemail for the first time:
Dial the voicemail system (7777 or 530-7777).
Enter your mailbox number plus # (last 4 digits of the phone number)
Enter password -the 7 digit phone number plus # (530xxxx).
You must change your password -Enter 84 -to change password.

*Note: Your new password will need to be 4-8 digits and cannot be your mailbox number or something repetitive or sequential (Example: 1111 or 1234).

Enter old password -(same 7 digit phone # from Step 3)
Enter new password.
Confirm new password.

Playing Your Messages:
When you have new messages, you will hear a stutter dial tone when you pick up your handset.
Dial the voicemail system (7777 or 530-7777).
Enter your mailbox number then press #.
Enter your password then press #.
Press 2 to play your message(s).
Press 76 to delete the message after listening to it.

*Note: It is very important to frequently delete messages because you only have a certain amount of voicemail storage space.

Setup Greeting:
Press 82 to setup greeting.
Option 1 –external greeting (plays for on & off campus callers if internal greeting not recorded)
Option 2 –internal greeting
Option 3 –temporary greeting (for vacation or special message)

Setup Name Verification:
Setup name verification -Press 829.
Enter your mailbox number then press #.
Your mailbox number is the last four digits of your phone number.

Other Options:
Rewind (5 seconds back) : Press 1
Fast Forward: Press 3
Pause the Message: Press #, Press 2 to resume the message
Replay a Message: Press 4
Skip to the Next Message: Press 6
Return the Call to On Campus Callers: Press 9

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