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How do I use the campus voice mail system?

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use the campus voice mail system?

Your telephone line is connected to the campus voice mail system, Call Pilot. Presence of Voice Mail is indicated by an illuminated red light on your telephone.

Voicemail Setup

Your passcode is initially the default code – which is the “7-digit phone number” (Ex. 530-xxxx)

Step 1: Press the message button on your phone or dial x7777. You will hear the "Nortel Call Pilot Greeting”.

Step 2: Enter your mailbox number plus the # sign (last 4 digits of the phone number).

Step 3: Enter your default password - the 7 digit phone number plus # (530xxxx).

Step 4: System prompt - Must change your temporary default password.

Note: Your new password will need to be 4-8 digits in length. Cannot be your mailbox number and cannot be something repetitive or sequential -  (Example: 1111 or 1234).

Step 5: Enter your new password.

Step 6: Confirm new password, before the messages begin to play.

Step 7: Set up Greeting - Press 82. (Opt1 - external // Opt 2 - internal // Opt 3 – temporary – Out of office)

Sample Voice Mail Greetings (Press  82 / Option #1 & #2):

Hello. You have reached __(name)______ in the Department of _(name)___ . I can’t come to the phone right now, but please leave your name; number and a brief message and I will return your call shortly

Step 8: Setup name verification - Press 829. You may need to re-enter the voice mailbox for steps 7 and 8.

Personalize voice mail message: Announces to the caller the department and name of the person they have reached.

To Assign a Zero (0) Option number for Staff Users:

  • Log into the Voice Mail System - press 8 and 0 for the Mailbox options
  • Follow the instruction
  • Press 1 to change the number
  • Enter the extension number (****) where the call are to be routed and press #. 

In your greeting, you must tell the caller to “Press 0” before the beep, if they wish to speak to someone else.

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