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What are the student Health and Counseling Services Registration Requirements?

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What are the student Health and Counseling Services Registration Requirements?


Welcome to NCCU Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).  We invite you to take advantage of services offered at your health facility.  A dedicated team of health professionals are eager to provide a wide spectrum of quality clinical and mental health services in an efficient and effective manner to advance the health of all students attending North Carolina Central University.

Do you know the State of North Carolina requires you to submit your immunization record as a condition of your enrollment in the University?  The required immunizations for North Carolina are 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), these are childhood immunizations which last a lifetime, three doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine  (for students born after July 1, 1994) and a tetanus or tdap within the last ten years.  These are the only immunizations required by the State of North Carolina.  Student Health and Counseling Services requires that all students complete a Report of Medical History Form.  This form can be downloaded from the Student Health website.  Please visit www.nccu.edu; type “Health History Form” in the search box; select the entry “A Division of Student Affairs Student Health and Counseling Services”.  SHCS request that you send your complete immunization record along with your report of medical history form as soon as possible.

If you need a copy of your immunization record it can usually be obtained from your doctor, the health department in your county or your high school transcript. You can mail (Student Health and Counseling Services, POB 19491, Durham, NC 27707) fax (919-530-7969) or e-mail (tgraham@nccu.edu) your forms and records.

 Why are we requesting this information early?  We need to have your complete immunization record before you attend your “Eagle Institute Session” so that you will be allowed to register for your Fall 2012 classes.  You will not be allowed to register unless we have a complete immunization record on file for you.  Once we receive the completed immunization record and your report of medical history form you will have a full clearance from SHCS.

Do you know that NCCU has a student insurance plan?  The UNC System requires students who are enrolled in 6 or more credit hours (on campus classes) to have health insurance. Once a student registers for 6 or more credit hours of on campus classes the premium for the student insurance is included in the bill. 

The student insurance carrier for NCCU is Pearce and Pearce Insurance. The plan has an array of benefits which includes but is not limited to a (zero) deductible, $100,000 lifetime maximum (per sickness/per injury), inpatient/outpatient hospitalization, office visits, prescription drug plan, x-ray services, injections / immunizations, maternity, vision care plan (up to $200.00 per year), wellness benefit and much more.  Please visit www.studentinsurance.com to learn more about your student insurance plan.

Do you know that you can waive the student insurance?Students who have their own private insurance plan can opt to waive out of the University sponsored insurance plan.  To do so, students must process an online waiver by visiting www.studentinsurance.com. Once the insurance waiver is approved, the insurance carrier will notify SHCS and the charge will be removed from your bill.  Deadline dates for waiving the student insurance vary from semester to semester.  Students will be notified via e-mail of the deadlines in advance.


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