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Can I download or export my VoiceThread and keep it on my computer?

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I download or export my VoiceThread and keep it on my computer?

Yes, with limitations. You can export any VoiceThread presentation as a QuickTime movie for archive purposes. That QuickTime file can then be burned onto a CD or DVD.

NCCU has a limited number of export credits. By default, faculty members can have up to 30 export credits (1 presentation export = 1 export credit). You can find more information on exporting your VoiceThread on VoiceThread's support website. 

To export an archive of your VoiceThread: 

Step 1

In VoiceThread, click on "My Voice"

Image - MyVoice link

Step 2

Navigate to the VoiceThread presentation you want to embed. Click on the gear icon.

Image - menu icon

Step 3

Choose "Edit."

Image - edit icon

Step 4

At the bottom of the screen, click on "Export."

Image - export button

Step 5

An export dialogue box should appear. It will show the number of export credits you have available. Every faculty member is initially allowed 30 credits. If you need export credits, email Dan Reis to request export credits. You do not need to buy them!

Click "Export."

Image - export box

Step 6

To check on the status of your export, go to http://nccu.voicethread.com/exports/

Image - export in progress

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