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How do I give someone access to a VoiceThread that I created?

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I give someone access to a VoiceThread that I created?

There are several ways to share your VoiceThread presentation. The method outlined in this FAQ is the quickest way and is recommended for those creating an occasional VoiceThread. If you are planning on using VoiceThread in your course often, it is recommended to create a group for your course. You can learn more about sharing your VoiceThread by reading the FAQ: What are my options for sharing my VoiceThread presentation?

To give someone access to your VoiceThread, follow the following steps. 

Step 1

In VoiceThread, click on "MyVoice"

Image - MyVoice link

Step 2

Navigate to the VoiceThread presentation you want to share and click on the gear icon. 

Image - Menu icon

Step 3

Click on "Share."

Image - share icon

Step 4

Click on "Get a Link"

Image - get link button

Step 5

Ensure that both the View and Comment boxes are checked. Click on "Copy the Link" 

Step 6

You can now paste that link in an email to the person. Or use Blackboard's class email feature to send the link to the class. When your students click on the link in the email, they will be required to sign in with their NCCU MyEOL username and password to view the VoiceThread.

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