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How do I create a course group in VoiceThread?

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I create a course group in VoiceThread?

Creating a group for your course is a good way to share a VoiceThread presentation with an entire class. It's useful if you plan on sharing many VoiceThreads with your class, intend for students to create their own VoiceThreads or comment on each other's VoiceThreads. 

To create a group for your class:

Step 1

On the MyVoice page, click on "Groups and Contacts" at the bottom.

Image - Group and contacts link

Step 2

Click on "New."

Image - New group

Step 3

Enter a name and description of your group.  Click "Save."

Image - name your group

Step 4

Click on "Copy the Link" to copy the link to your clipboard. To spare you from having to enter every student name and email address, VoiceThread gives you a hyperlink to email to your students. When a student clicks on this link, and logs in with a NCCU MyEOL username and password, they will be added to your course group.

Image - copy the link to the group

Step 5

Email this link to your students using Blackboard's email feature or with any email client. When a NCCU faculty member or student opens the email and clicks on the link, they will be prompted to sign in with their NCCU username and password. If successful, they will be added to your group and will be able to see the VoiceThreads you have shared with that course group and the VoiceThreads of their classmates. 

Now follow the steps in How do I share a VoiceThread with a course group?

Tip - refinding the group link

If you need to find the link to add more people to a course group, go to "Groups and Contacts," click on the appropriate group name and click on "Edit."

 Image - edit group

Then click on "Add members."

Image - add members button

Click on "Copy the Link."

Image - copy the link to the group

Follow Step 5 above. 

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