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How do I create a VoiceThread presentation?

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I create a VoiceThread presentation?

VoiceThread's support web page has a great one-minute tutorial on how to create a VoiceThread. That is a good place to start. For more detailed instructions, continue reading this FAQ.

Creating a VoiceThread basically includes three steps: Add visuals, record a comment (also known as narration) and share it. 

Step 1 - Add visuals

Once you have logged into nccu.voicethread.com, click on "Create." Then click on "Upload."

Image - Upload file

You have many options to add content to your VoiceThread – see below for a description of each option.

Image - Options for Uploading Content


Upload Option Description
My Computer
Choose this to upload a file that is saved to your computer. Files like PowerPoint slides, PDFs, images and videos will work. Please note: no single file can be over 100 mb for faculty and staff and 25 mb for students. For more information on what types of files you can upload to VoiceThread, visit VoiceThread's support web site.
Media Sources Search and use photos from Flickr, your Facebook account, other VoiceThreads you created or from the 700,000 images from the New York Public Library. If you don't have presentation slides, this is a great way to find images to support your presentation.
URL If you know the exact web address for a photo or image you can paste it here. Please note: This currently does not work for YouTube videos.
My Webcam Choose this option to record full screen video to include in your VoiceThread. This is a great option if you want to record video without slides or images to support your presentation. 

Once you have your visuals uploaded, you can re-arrange them by clicking on a slide and dragging it to the desired position.

Click on "(Add a title and description)" and enter a relevant title and description. Click "Save."

 Image - add title and description

Step 2 - add audio/video comments or narration

Once visuals have been uploaded, you can add comments or narration to them. Click on "Comment" in the left-side menus. Then follow the directions in How do I record a comment on a VoiceThread?

Step 3 - share your presentation

There are many ways to share your VoiceThread. For more information, see What are my options for sharing my VoiceThread presentation?

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