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How do I make a copy of a VoiceThread presentation?

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How do I make a copy of a VoiceThread presentation?

This is easy! This is helpful if you want to reuse a presentation for different classes but don’t want the student comments from one class to be available to another class. You can make a copy of your presentation with your narration or comments and not include comments from students. By making a copy, you enable each class to have its own VoiceThread in which to leave comments.

To make a copy of a VoiceThread:

Step 1

In VoiceThread, click on "MyVoice"

Image - MyVoice

Step 2

Navigate to the VoiceThread presentation you want to embed. Click on the gear icon.

Image - click on menu

Step 3

Click on the "Make a Copy" button.

Image - Make a copy

Step 4

Enter a new title and description in the popup box.

Then you need to choose what comments to keep on the copy. Chose "Include all comments" to make an exact match of the VoiceThread with your comments and those of students. Chose "Include only my comments" if you want to keep your narration on the presentation but not include student comments. This is the most commonly used option if you are using VoiceThread to narrate PowerPoint slides. If you chose "Don't include any comments," this will erase your narration and all student comments on the copy.

Image - Options for making a copy

Please note: The copy is now a stand-alone VoiceThread and will not contain new updates or pages added to the original file after the duplication. For more information, see VoiceThread's help webpage.

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