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How do I record a comment on a VoiceThread?

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I record a comment on a VoiceThread?

One of the great features of VoiceThread is the ability to add video, audio or text comments to a presentation. If this is your first time using VoiceThread, it's recommended that you first watch this very brief introductory video: http://voicethread.com/share/409/. Whether you are recording narration on your own presentation or adding a comment on someone else's, the process is the same. 

To record a comment or narration:

Step 1

Click on the "Comment" button at the bottom of the VoiceThread.

 Image - Click on the comment button 

Step 2

You'll be presented with a few ways to record your comment. See the table labeled "Commenting options" at the bottom of this FAQ for an explanation of each icon.

Choose the type of comment you want to leave by clicking on that icon. 

Image - Comment options

Step 3

Click "Allow" if a popup box appears - this gives nccu.voicethread.com access to your computer's microphone or webcam so you can record your comment. 

 Image - Adobe Flash Player Settings box - Click Allow 

Begin recording — you'll see an indication on screen that you're recording.

Image - Recording

Step 4

Click "Stop recording” when you're finished.

Step 5

Click "Save" if you are finished. You also have the option to Cancel, or erase the comment, or Record more if you forgot to mention something. 

Image - Click save, cancel or record more

Step 6

After you hit "Save,” an icon should be added around the VoiceThread with your name. Rest your mouse over each icon until you find one that has your name.

Click on the icon to listen/watch your comment and verify everything worked. Also see: How do I add a profile photo to my VoiceThread account?

Image - verify the comment was saved

Commenting options
Icon Description
Image - telephone icon Telephone — NCCU faculty and staff members can use a telephone to record comments. There is a limit, however, of 60 total minutes of telephone recorded comments. This feature is not available to students. 
Image - video icon Video — Click this button to leave a video with audio comment. A webcam is required. Please note: Video comments are limited to 10 minutes each.
Image - audio record icon Audio — Click this button to leave an audio comment. A microphone is required. Many laptops have built-in microphones; an external headset also works. 
Image - type icon Type — Text comments can be created by clicking on this icon. VoiceThread is best with video and audio, so don't try to post a long journal entry in the text box. Try to keep your text comments short — a couple of lines. 
Image - upload icon Upload — You can upload an audio-only file. MP3 or WAV files are accepted. 
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